house beautiful does hippie plus a word with the editor- newt turner.

the dec. issue of house beautiful was good.

i enjoyed it like justin timberlake enjoys camp cooter.

this particular house delighted me lots...

it looks like it smells of patchouli, sure, but nothing a boiling pot of vinegar and a diptyque baies candle can't erase..

the relaxed vibe is very appealing to me..

all those SEXTILES!!!!

kilims and velvet and suzanis?



so of course i set out to find less expensive versions of all these commune pillows and blankets and rugs..







here is just a sampling...

this one is 150.  it's 5x7 











14.99 and 24.99 for the pillow covers.


go HERE.





this month's editor's letter was all about the "trends and buzz around the blogosphere"..

"chinese garden stools, zebra rugs, sunburst mirrors and  slip covers"



didn't i write a post or 2 about that?

and didn't you all leave your opinions on the subject of trendz?

in case you think i am crazy:

part 1. 

part 2. 


what does it take to get a mention?

i mean...really?

could he not have said..

"the really stupid funny jenny from my favorite and my best blog wrote a post about trendz and how much they suck sometimes and how we're all sick of seeing them. lots of readers chimed in and it was a crazy awesome debate!!!.."

only in newell's newt's (that's a nickname for newell, isn't it?) own voice, ya know?

i mean why do people like habitually chic end up in every single magazine in the universe and i am getting my shit ripped off without even so much as a link?

come on newell.

i feel so used and violated.

like the back row at a justin beaver concert.

throw a girl a bone.



don't make me come over there...