big ass house for sale

 if you read this blog regularly and have forever-y you know that i would usually rather be in england at all times..

well, mom and dad MFAMB are off to england on monday and my dad and i have been having an email face off for a few days..

he sends me these emails filled with pics of our favorite places in north yorkshire that we have been to sort of rub it in my face that mike and i aren't going.

like this:

(that's a picture of where they always stay when they go)

and i email him back with snaps of the weather forecast like this:


well this morning mike and i told him that we won the lottery and bought this place..

which is totally not true. (duh)

but that they could stay in their piddly prewar apartment while we luxuriated in this monster:

it's called howsham hall and it's in north yorkshire near the town of york.

i know it's austere and cold looking on the outside but it was built in 1610.

 i'm pretty sure the more austere and foreboding your house was the less likely people were to fuck with you.

it is not the least bit austere or cold on the inside though..

love the shade..and the modern touches in such and old house..

don't love..

love everything but the elephant head.


someone loves those shades as much as me..

this place has 7 bedrooms and sits on 83 acres...

it's completely dumb.

you can find more info on it and other awesome houses for sale here.


have fun dad and mom..

i want you to have a great time.





saturday house tour

i had seen this house, owned by raji radhakrishnan in met home magazine several months ago and loved it. but true to form i never read the article. well surfing through the internet i happened upon it again and this time i read it. turns out this raji is a self taught interior designer (business degree and motherhood on her resume) and quite a popular one in dc where she lives. i have heard of late of several bloggers out there (myself included) who have been asked, or are thinking about venturing into the interior design business without any formal training either. i thought...PAH! NO WAY!!! this is a fun hobby and i AM learing a lot but...someone PAYING me to do this? that's just crazytalk! now, i'm not so sure... now i know there are several design bloggers out there that are pro's and several that aren't even close (that would be me), so what are your thoughts on this? would you? could you? DID you? also if you are thinking about it i recommend you read the article through the link below.
Raji Radhakrishnan