if this makes you puke then i did my job. if not then you must have your own house of poop to deal with.

everyone says their husband's shit smells the worst in the universe.

but i am here to tell you that nothing compares to the assfire of rotten dead animal with diarrhea on top 

that comes out of mike's butthole. 


and the worst part is his toilet is close to where i work and where my nose is.

so i am literally sitting in a cloud of gag inducing shitvomit smell for at least 45 minutes...

the smell is slow to dissipate, hilariously!!!!!


and i don't give a shit if you're eating.

i don't care if this is too much for your senses.

deal with it.

i have to.


while you sit in your glorious smell-free cubicle of life please know that in order to bring you the prettiest

pictures i can find i have to endure the smell of a 1000 dead bodies covered in dead body diarrhea with diarrhea butt sauce.

every single GD morning.



here you go..

just mah summer house..



just the tub in mah summer house..



just mah winter house..



enter.. throw your shit (gently) on my platner..


we meet through there for chestnut roasting and congnac sipping around 8:00..



casual fireside dinners every night..

need a basket?  i got you covered..



feel like readin a book?

this is my favorite spot.



this is where i sleep.

don't worry you get pratesi linens too...



your cozy sleeping quarters..

mary and baby jesus got yer back.



marble encrusted tub for your bathing needs.


just don't go in after mike.