a semblance of normal especially if you live in phoenix

i am sure some of you are gonna be like, fuck jenny...just get back to cussing and pretty rooms and farts and downton.

and i concur.

that's all i want more than anything.

it's getting there.

i still have so many emails to return and i want to reiterate that if you haven't heard from me yet, i am working my way down a long list of amazing people.

slowly but surely.

i will never let you forget how grateful we are for your kindness and generosity.

this weekend is a long one- fiona off from school friday and monday.

so correspondence will be slow.



i wanted to deliver this craigslist post that i intended for friday.

while it would make sense to do it this coming friday i am afraid that if i wait then the items i found will be gone.

and that would suck ding dongs.

plus, well....i just want life to be business as usual. 



so where alaska failed in so many ways, arizona makes up for it like a boss.


phoenix, az killed it...


antique ming chair- $145.

this is pretty ya'll.




faux bamboo mirror- $20.

this would be so perfect in a powder room or an entry.




pair of yellow lamps- $80.


go get these!!!




chinese plant stand- $150.

good stuff.

offer less.

that's kind of a ridiculous price for the list.




the lamp person is selling some good shit.

how fantastic is this?

even the upholstery is awesome.

imagine it against a glistening chocolate lacquered wall.






i don't have a bar or a place to put these but i wear them on my face.

$75 for the pair.




so great.

i would put this on my porch and have lots of wine and food there.

with you.



alternatively i would hijack those chairs for my indoor dining table.



 2 brass side tables- $35.

what's not to love?




 a whole bunch of mid cenury goodness.

$800 for everything.

inquire about splitting it up.




tufted chesterfield- $800.

negotiable price.

also it's microfiber.

which is not leather.




brass sofa table- $40.





hand painted french vases- $50.





shiny red industrial cart.

very versatile.

great for art supplies or bath-time lotions and stuff or bar things.





drexel buffet/credenza- $260.

how great is this?

for under your TV?  or in your dining room?

lots of storage there.

i would paint it glossy white. yep. boring but great.




italian bombe chest- $145.

the finish is questionable.

but you could do so much with it.

silver leaf?




 delicious la barge brass coffee table- $295

i would try and negotiate that price down to 200 and then you will have scored.





that price is for that recliner thing.

but i would def. inquire about that headboard and nightstand.





big ornate mirror- $75.

so pretty.





perfect little parsons chair- $40.




metal bamboo leaf lamp- $25.





1970's nightstands- $100.

love them.




french gold leaf bombe chest- $1200.


if i had 1200 extra lying around i probably would also have a dressing room situation and that is where i would put this.

because it's real pretty.

or it would make a spectacular desk.





ok this yes.

for sure for sure buy this.

it's ridiculous.





pretty good right?


next week is tuscon.

because arizona is clearly a top notch craig state.


also- downton tonight.

the last episode.

i am excited and sad.

matthew better put his meat stick in mary and make a baby.

also, and this is no joke..

i had a sex dream last night about maggie smith and some other older actress...i can't remember who it was..

but there was a 'your (wrinkly) body is a wonderland' moment between the 3 of us.


happy sunday!



craigslist alphabetically: alaska


yes. hell yes!!


no. i'm kidding.

that thing is fucking dreadful.


hoof ashtray- $30


(if anything the post is pretty funny)




alaska wasn't the most awesome craigslist i've ever searched but there were a few not so terrible things.

mostly they require imagination and primarily they are things you might not know you need.

but if you knew what i was up against you would lift me onto your shoulders and carry me around the room.



good looking sofa- $200

was prof. cleaned this month.




brand new west elm chevron rug- $275




hand carved plant stands- $150.

pretty.  for layering.  paint them glossy black or pink and pretend your ruthie sommers.




cool mirrors- $65 for pair




moroccan camel saddle- $100




this table is so unique. 8 legs! 

it's HUGE and it's lacquered.

minor repair, but worth it.






great color. there are 4 but will sell a pair.

99$ per pair or $199 for all 4.




brass bed- $200




birch burl side table- $120

paint it all white.




2 carved cane chairs- $200

stately. love them.




lovely vintage oil paining, signed.





4 thonet chairs- $100





marble top table with 6 leather and brass chairs.






vintage bamboo trays.

i actually have a few of these and they are super cute.

$3 each.




oak secretary.

great lines.




not too bad, right?



next week's CL is arizona.


which is sort of where i wish i was right now..bc of this:


(i don't care if it's colder where you are, i live in the sort of tropics and this is uncalled for)






craigslist alphabetically: alabama: birmingham

craigslist continues to hold the key to finding and adding interesting pieces to your decor without spending a lot of money.



the answer to your prayers, budget minded birmingham people..


that animal pattern is nonsense.

but the desk is fantastic.

paint it. 

$300 HERE.




paint this asian-y chair black or persimmon.

$40 HERE. 




vintage brass lamp with obvious possibility.

$20 HERE.




$50 (there are 2) HERE




double duh. look at that top!

$500 dining table (offer half) HERE.



deal of the day.

comes with dining table, 4 chairs + 2 swivel chairs and a side table as well as the seat cushions!

$350 HERE.

(spring is coming soon!! don't delay!)


your new desk chair.

$65 HERE.



very cool vintage 70's chrome coffee table.

$95 HERE.



awesome bench for the foot of your bed.

$40 HERE.



this could be so good in the right dining situation.

easy does it if you think you can stick this in just any dining room with any decor.

if a unicorn was a table and chairs this might be it.

$325 HERE



burl top parsons table. yes.

would make a great desk too.

$300 HERE.



oh my goodness i want someone to buy this and cover it entirely in this:

or this:

tufted sofa

$165 HERE. 



 dresser and mirror and nightstands all for $150.

i am really only interested in the nightstands. paint them white and add some shiny hardware.

 but the mirror would be awesome painted and in a powder room.

$150 HERE.



next up alaska.


happy friday fartknockers.