easter wishes

 i hope your easter is cool...


and tastes good..


and you don't get murdered by a giant bunny..

(those feet could stomp you to death)



happy easter...

(leighton meester)


don't step in any bunny turds..


and remember...

jesus loves you.


bizness as usual

 it seems weird to just show awesome rooms to you after i was near oprah status this weekend.


i wish i could tell you that they signed me up right after they saw my sparkle charms.



and i wore sequins so i was for real sparkle charming.

but they didn't.

here's what they did tell me... 



i did great.



that despite the whirlwind last few days, the next few months would be quiet..



as in, don't freak out if 2 months go by and you haven't heard a word...



they also told me i needed to be discreet from here on out and that i couldn't divulge what went down yesterday or the casting process.


sad for you all.


but i have a feeling..a good one. 

i have also realized that i could be on national tv looking like a great big asshole with big boobs and no real design experience.  

and i have also realized that i could be leaving my sweet fi for 2 months.

wrap your head around that one for a minute moms...

yeah...not a fun thought at all. 

anyway..as you can imagine i am waffling somewhere around super excitement and bone chilling terror.

but i don't mind the wait.

not at all.

in fact, i am going to use this time to really focus on the what if..

what if i am on this show?

well then i want to be 100 percent certain that i can do anything they throw my way.

don't get me wrong, i won't be crafting shit out of orange rinds or toilet paper.

i am just going to focus on MY thing..

combining old and new..

mixing high and low..

and just generally putting shit together in a new and awesome way.


so we can stop talking about it now.

we can get back to pretty rooms and housewives.


thanks again for all of your support and well wishes.

you guys will be the first to know anything that happens.

i promise you that.


now hire me so i can practice.

jesus gave his life and so for christmas you give me presents..

or something like that..

but wait jewish people!!!

 raina and nelya made me an honorary jew so i also accept hanukkah gifts.


for your consideration:

 1. breville gourmet single cup brewer- $249.99

cuz my coffee gets cold before i have a chance to drink it in the morning what with school runs and shoe tying..

this way i could make 1 cup at a time...and savor it's small portioned and hot freshness.



2. barre3 workout- $19.99

i have done this workout on the exercise tv channel and i really like it a lot.  way better than dumb dumb tracy anderson.


3. sao paulo bookends- $98.00

cuz their pretty.


4. st. honore ceramic tray in black- $28.95

i am pretty sure this would go in fiona's bathroom to corral her shampoos and bubble bath.


5. hunter original tall rain boot in new green size 9 please- $125.00

winter in georgia is very rainy and gross and these are very very practical and much needed.


6. penhaligon's english fern perfume- $110.00

i will let their description do the talking:

yes ok..yes. 



7. nigella kitchen: recipes from the heart of the home- $17.50 on amazon

because i love her, would go gay for her and have all of her books.


8. jamie oliver 30 minute meals- $$??

this book is elusive.  hard to find..

and you would be a christmas miracle maker if you could get this.


9.  nike lunar glide running shoe size 8.5- $100.00

for my fitness routine.  right now i am walking in crocs.

(ok, i'm not really...but i have)


10.  marabou boa pillow in pink and gray- $88.00

ok, in truth harry would probably eat these and die.

but they sure are pretty.


11.  ashbury satchel in black- $238.00

so awesome.


12.  pretty plaid blankets from the scottish weaver- $109.00

i love plaid more than leopard.



13. any of the yummiest diptyque candles available- $60.00

expensive candles are my weakness.


if you don't buy these for me i approve them for your friends and family.



what's on your wish list this year?