woke up this morning to no internet connection.

just came back on..


 no MDD recap..




imma go work on it right now..



you just enjoy these pretty pictures..



keep in mind that there is a 4 ft tall princess here using the TV like it's her bitch (it is and so am i).



i project a release date of 6/30/2011 (that's tomorrow dummies).


in the mean time you should know that someone at HGTV thinks i am awesome..


so even if i wasn't chosen to be a turd on that turd of all design shows...Design Turd..

at least john gidding wants to sex me.



you can read all the hgtv celebs faves here:  HERE


come back tommorow or later..


gidding juice,

p.s. no MDD spoilers..i will cut you.