jamie issue 2

well folks- issue #2 of the best cookery magazine out there is on its way to the states. when...? i can't say as i have no idea the protocol of things for when a foreign magazine comes out in its own country to then be shipped to ours (america that is). hopfully soon! its such a great one. firstly its not overflowing with recipes that half of which you will never cook. there are a few well selected, real home cooking type choices. as well as something dedicated to another country's cuisine, at least the first one did-time will tell if this is a regular thing. there is also a cool pull out menu for a weeks worth of dinners. essentially its a big, gorgeous poster full of recipes!! and my favorite bit, is that it has jamie's hand all over it. it is definitely his magazine and if you watch his show and have followed him, as i have, since his beginnings with the naked chef you can see and feel his passion for food. from farm to table he is involved and to me that is what its all about. this magazine is based on that approach to cooking. so if you haven't already seen issue #1, go to your local bookstore and get it (if its not already gone). if not then go and get issue #2 when it comes out. ask the folks who work there to order it for the store if they don't have it.