kitchen things

i look at a lot of images of interiors.

a lot. 

the images i stare at the longest are the ones of kitchens filled with personal effects.

it feels the most like stalking.

like i am looking through a window rather than through a photographer's lens.

maybe it's because kitchens are so costly to renovate that we are often times forced to make do with what's there.

shitty cabinets, outdated tile, weird angles.

i love seeing cabinets repurposed with a bright coat of paint or hiding the backsplash with propped oil paintings.

beyond that i just like looking at other people's stuff.

especially...utensils in some sort of crock near the stove (probably because i spend half my life in this spot)..

or open shelves filled with stacks of dishes.

lou doillon's kitchen via the selby.

mind bending.

talk about elevating a space with paint.


just this one little snippet of someone's kitchen and life will set me off on an organizing bender. 


ok, sorry to say but there will be no AHS recap this week, at least not a typical one.

i am shooting a commercial tomorrow all day so i will do my best to recap it briefly on saturday.


alright then, a few new jellies in the shop and that's it for me today.