kitchens of my dreams..

i love the open shelves displaying everyday items like art.

some of you will bitch about shit getting dirty, dusty, greasy...etc..

and i agree. but i don't think i care.

i am hoping the air vent is powerful and sucks all the cooking grease up inside.

(and don't even start about having to reach shit...i am sure the ladder is just out of the shot. i know you people better than you think)


there is something so very ancient french cellar bakery about this..

and also maybe morgue-ish?

i think it's delightful.



i LOVE how this one is so small but so elegant and UN-kitcheny.

i have always been a fan of small kitchens for their coziness and room for only one person quality.

i know the majority of people want a big kitchen so people can gather and talk while the cooking is going on.

i am the opposite by a mile.

when i cook i want to do it alone and i don't want anyone to talk to me for too long bc i get distracted and end up fucking shit up.



not too big, not too small. 

but very cozy.

i am unsure about the square tiles though. i think i like them. maybe.

but look at all of those oils and potions over by the stove.

mine looks this way.

i corral all of my goodies in a west elm white lacquer tray.


love it.

i need to see more though.

it had me at that fireplace.

and the windows.

i'm sure i have this issue of elle decor where perhaps there is more to see.

anyone know which issue it is?