i tried...(lonny spoilers)

i tried to just offer one image from this month's lonny..

but i couldn't. 

it was like lay's.

or wine.


no way i could stop at one...













christy ford for president.




and there was also meares...





and morocco..





it was maybe the best issue..






lonny delights

 the whole thing was ass kicking..

but this was my favorite:

love love love love love love love love love




so creamy!

even though i would run faster than madonna from hydrangeas to snatch those wordy crown pillows off that couch and burn them to the ground.




thank you a lot for all the advice yesterday.

some really good stuff in there.

i am for sure going to paint the inside black and lady meares has sold me on a screen.

but i might actually give the painted logs a try since i have so many MFing logs.

why not right?

i will totes take pictures for you and then punch myself in the face for saying "totes".


and lastly..

i have something awesome to share with you and i cannot share it with you yet.




go read lonny if u haven't. 

p.s. for even more of the home above go here


snow smarts, lonny and that bitch jillian michaels..

we are on day 3 of no school due to snow and ice in georgia. 

it doesn't help that the entire state of georgia has 11 snow plows to work through this shit.

that's just not snow smarts.

just like new orleans didn't practice hurricane smarts a few years ago. 

if it can happen it will happen.

so buy some more fucking snow plows georgia!


can i just say that if mom's were in charge of the universe there would never be a shortage of snowplows.


so.. thanks non- mom dummies.


i have had -10 hours on my computer while my child has had +72 hours.

i tried to take advantage of the down time by working out with jillian michaels.

he she is scary.


i am pretty sure this is an early picture of her:

which makes her mad to think about.

so seeing your fat makes her murderish.


i work out 4-5 days a week. so i am no stranger to exercise.

but every time i do what this woman tells me to 

there is major body trauma.

so now i feel like i was in a car accident.



thank god for lonny.

you came just in time yesterday.

i poured a glass of wine and stuck my foot in fiona's behind and told her to get the F out.

not really.

(no really!)

here's what i liked:

simple, thoughtful, layered,  not over-decorated.


tolix, a view, boxwoods and my most favorite bit- the lavender lilacs with the yellow dish.  probably a happy accident.


serge, view, california..


cozy and collected.  but not cluttered. 

(after looking at this image again, i realized i would like it better wo all the fornasetti. not a big fan of it.)


no lucite. no parsons. no gallery art.  WIN!


surprised how well all of this works together. 


love. everything. 



LOVE the pendant.


happy, comfy, pretty.  




the bed the bed the bed the bed!




wouldn't change a thing.


lonny thoughts you?