lonny is fucking with me.


check this out.

i spent the better part of 2 hours today (what does that mean? "the better part"??)

what? where am i?


i re-wrote the lonny post i started yesterday and thanks to you guys who subscribe to my rss feed i just copy/pasted from that into a new post window.  gay love.

but then i tweaked it and added more pictures and doodles.

i even drew an awesome image of my thumb doing the "thumb's up" sign.

i was all excited to share and open the lonny discussion when i went to remove an image that i wasn't feelin' and accidentally hit "cancel" and bammmm!!


that shit was gone forever.

kaiser soze style.

i emailed squarespace and said please for the love of sweet christ tell me i can get that shit back!!!

they were like..


you are indeed fucked.


i simply cannot do it again.

you understand.

i think we are all in agreement that lonny needs to give the bar carts, wallpapering every inch of a room, bookshelf shots and rehashing of previous issues in general a rest.

aren't we?


moving right on..

to this:

aka next project.

my fairy godmother of furniture, susie gave me this kingsize faux bamboo headboard all regency and shit.



it will be white.




ghetto pool is back: