talkin bout real important issues...

 hey err'body..

i hope the weekend brought you much rest and relaxation.

i got kicked in the back by a donkey.

not really, but that's what it feels like.

is there such a thing as 4,000 mg of ibuprofen?



that's what my husband likes to tell me.

i like to envision a donkey kicking him in the face.

oops.  getting off track.



here we have 3 mood board entries for client consideration..


the specifics:

me: how would you describe your style?

her: classic, vintage, modern, rustic/earthy with a little bit of ethnic for a collected and timeless look.



my goal is always to offer up 3 very different versions of whatever the client asks for.

luckily this client likes pretty much the same thing i like.

so it was easy to create 3 different looks.


a few of this particular entry/foyer's specifics...

it's small.

with odd angles and crooked nooks.

the door opens up and your view is a staircase going down.

to the left is the dining room and to the right is a wall with the crooked nook and a closet door..


in each board the chair and mirror go in the crooked nook.

the console goes in front of the stair rail and the chest goes on the dining room side wall (left of door as you enter)



version 1: 




version 2:




 version 3:


all pretty different but all offering the classic, vintage, modern, rustic/earthy vibe...




which is your favorite?


wanna order up your own set of mood boards?


email me immediately.





the mood board process..

today we will look at the process of e decor.

it starts with something like this:

"my baby is no longer a baby and he needs his big boy room.

i need some direction."

"ok", i say.

"let me design up some boards for you."

i usually do 3 but sometimes bc i am extra inspired i'll do 4.

but don't expect it!


in this day and age err'body got a pinterest obsession so i tell clients to start pinning (they are usually ahead of me here) inspiration.  then i start a board and we share pins and it's totally gay and awesome.

and it HELPS!

easy for me to see what client wants.

easy for client to say, yuck, i don't like that!

shitty part is everyone sees your shit and possibly buys said shit and copies you.

not cool pinterest. 

let's start being able to privatize boards, mmkay?




here are the 4 i came up with:


#1- earthy modern..



#2- graphic mid mod:




#3- graphic pop aka badass crime fighter:





at this point the client will tell me her favorite.

in this case she was torn between graphic mid mod and crime fighter.


she said she mostly liked the crimefighter and about 20% mid mod.


so this one was born:


she didn't like it but couldn't put her finger on why.

luckily i could.

i told her that it didn't work as much bc the upholstered bed in the crime fighter board was gone and so was the balance of hard and soft.  now it was all hard.

and all the texture from the mid mod was now gone and so combined it looked a

plus she was weary of the dark navy walls since every room upstairs was dark..

so i said ok, how about just navy on one wall, warm white on the rest?

which i am usually not a fan of.

accent wall?

barf my face off.

but in this case bc of the poppy nature of the space it would work.

i mentioned bringing in an upholstered headboard to soften it up instead of the day bed.

so things wouldn't be SO upholstered and fancy.


and i mashed it up again:

she liked it.

but i could tell she still wasn't totally convinced.

at this point i am usually kinda certain that the client is just relatively bad at making decisions.

and i get it, i am too.


i tell her that all of this is just a feel.

anything and everything can change once the paint is up.

once fabric is purchased etc..

a lamp can change the whole feel blah blah blah..


she then told me that she REALLY liked the graphic mid mod room and just the crime fighter posters.

very different from her first declaration of mostly crime fighter and about 20% mid mod.

and that happens time and time again.

i don't get bugged out.

bc i get it.

i really do.


so i said, ok then let's go with the original graphic mid mod and just add the crime fighter series.





so now what happens is it becomes a reality.

 i will get with the program in terms of getting to know the room's measurements.

at which point things can, and most likely WILL change.

but this is a start.

and this is where mom can rest easy bc she has a plan.

and that is priceless.



if you want help with a nursery or big kid space...

holler at your girl.


i am here to be your decorator/psychiatrist.




living inside downton abbey

i will say this again..

if you don't watch this show you are missing out on some really entertaining shit.

one day during a particualrly bleak february, my little cat harry had just died and i was sicker than donkey balls.

i was laying in bed with my computer and i was told by someone (sorry if i forgot who you could have been several people...i was feverish) that i should be watching this show.

i watched it over 2 days.

i lived for it.

 it pulled me back up from the darkness of malariafluebolasads.


now, finally, season 2 is airing this sunday in the US.


last month they re-aired season 1 and i demanded that mike watch it.

i knew he would love it.

and he did.


so now we are both nerdily excited over it.


i have never steered you wrong in the TV department before and i don't aim to start.

so watch it..start with season 1 though or you will be sort of lost. i know that design sponge does a column called 'living in' and this is my version/homage/rip off of that column.


i believe there is no real purpose for this column other than the possibility that you can buy some shit to make your house and body look like a character from said movie/tv show.


but it's still extremely enjoyable to look at..

plus it combines my love of moodboard making and TV/movies.

win win.



here you go-

my version of living inSIDE™ downton abbey..




top hat/art/paint/jacket/table/pillows- 1 & 2/jars/shoes/sofa 



paint/blouse/hair clip/wallpaper/

sconce/vintage velvet wingchair/vase/ladies desk/





wallpaper/tea/kentfield blazer/chinoiserie plate/silver tea set/plaid jacket/

lamp/umbrella ella ella/boots




sconce/banister brush/ouija board/paint 1 & 2/

parlor maid's helper sliver polish/candleholders/runner/




paint/copper cookware/rabbit platter/

copper molds/tea towels/apron/




you're welcome friends of downton.