monday bullet points

1: whenever i see the 'PBteen' newsletter in my inbox all i really see is 'peen'.



2: fiona had a cold and i got her this- 

cold gone.

homeopathic, while still questioned by narrow-minded douchebags CAN be effective.



3: this show is good.

here's what one viewer said..

"that maid is so sexy, i'd kill myself to fuck her ghost then resurrect myself to fuck her soul. then i'd fuck everyone else."


i call this show Lost meets Six Feet Under meets bone & face raping.

it's highly addictive like all of those things were/are.

it comes on wednesdays on FX and i can't wait!!



4: butter nail polish, despite having the best colors on the planet (and highest prices for nail polish- FUCK)

doesn't last for more than one day on your nails.

branwen's feather.

so pretty.


british racing green.

the boss of all nail colors...

 after FOUR COATS is still peeling away.



 5: i have decided (early) that my thanksgiving table will look like this..



6.  unicorn.



7. this bathroom appeals to me..

like a lot.



happy monday.

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thanks hookers.



dueling moodboards..only more like dualing bc there's 2 and this isn't a competition, it's monday and mondays are for assholes..

 remember this headboard available on DC craigslist?

well i loved it so much i wanted to decorate a whole room around it.


so i did.. 


rug- 1stdibs, bench- jayson h&g, lamps- bungalow 5, bedding- ABC home, tables- 1stdibs, art- nathan turner, pendant- arteriors


but my friend jennifer at belclaire house blog loved it the same.

so she did one too..actually she did 2 so she wins..


visit it here