monday again??

how lame is that title?

i find though that if you emphasize it like a whiny 80's sitcom character would it instantly becomes funny...


"monday agaaainnnnn???"

(laugh track)


we've had some awesome weather here over the last few weeks..

warm and in the high 70's/low 80's.

i didn't complain about sweating once.

in fact i enjoyed my glistening stink.

of course today it's windy and cold (the worst).


but i am still high on the warmth..

i actually ordered some climbing roses from a nursery! 



i thought i would bring a little of that springy happiness to you, via my "outside" pinterest...










and nothing makes me happier than a moodboard...



super porch.


points of interest:

rug- plastic from HERE.

elephant table- HERE.




happy monday!!