the pro-cess (how canadian's say it)


i can finally share with you a bit of exciting news..

christine of bijou and boheme commissioned a painting from me!!!

and while that is TERRIBLY exciting there could be more to that story at some point..stay tuned.


you probably already read her blog and have been following her kitchen remodel-

if not here you go.


she asked me to paint something for over her fireplace bc while her living room is utterly gorgeous...

she felt it wasn't working with her new kitchen.


so she sent me some inspiration pics and i gathered some based on the ones she sent me

and i put together a moodboard (duh)..



that top left rock looking thing is a PAINTING (!!!) by carly waito, who is SUPREMELY talented.

the other paintings are by sally king and dale frank.  also super talened. 


when commissioning a painting it is of great help to me to have the main color palette already chosen for me.

 from there i work to create complimentary colors.

the composition creates itself.


and while we can't reveal the actual painting just yet..

here is a little corner..

tee hee.

that's just a CORNER Y'ALL!


christine posted a bit more on the subject over at her place.

thank you for listening.

as always...

you are the wind beneath my farts.





sorry y'all.

i have been painting for 2 days straight.

i'm like a fucking vampire in her cave listening to adele and not shaving or eating vegetables.


here are the twins:

(they are fraternal, obv.)


here they are one at a time..



they will be flanking some big ass shelves in a gorgeous dining room situation. 

i love them.

more importantly the client loves them. 


i am working on a shop so you all can buy paintings too.

but until that happens you just gonna have to email me and discuss shit.

it's called a commission and it's super easy.

all the cool kids are doing it.