a lovely blog award

my sincerest thanks and a tongue kiss to sarah of la maison boheme
(she recognized MFaMB as ONE LOVEY BLOG)

The guidelines for accepting the award are:
1) Add the logo to your blog
2) Link to the person from whom you received this award
3) Nominate 7 or more blogs (F that!! i picked 4!)
4) Leave a message on their blog – letting them know that they are ‘One Lovely Blog’
ok then. first off let me just say that i read LOTS of blogs so it was hard enough to choose, but choose i must.

1. desire to inspire. seriously WHERE do they find the spaces they find? gorgeous!! and big. big, gorgeous photos that give me a major deco-boner. well done you aussie and cannuck.
2. i suwannee. jamie is like the cool girl that you would do just about anything to be friends with.
i might even sit through a bonaroo concert for her. she makes me want to be funnier. the highest honor in my book.
3. my little happy place. alison is very cool and very good at painting things turquoise. seriously, mad painting skills. and she's sweet as pie. she lives in brazil and probably dances topless in a banana skirt but i won't hold it against her. you'd better not either.
4. a townhouse lady's life. the townhouse lady and i have quite a repor with one another. she and i seem to be similar in many ways. least of all her love of cats (tabby's in particular) and good music. and she's funny and has great taste in shoes.
so while i realize it says pick 7- i picked 4. the truth is i could pick 100, but i chose to pick the peeps that nourish my inner blogger.