what the shit?? no post yesterday?

yeah, sorry about that.

i was busy. 

busy painting a friends house.

not busy painting my doors.

i have painted one door though..

i took "professional advice" and decided against taping all 120 panes of glass.

the word is that you can just easily scrape the paint away with a razor blade.

well, the word 'easily' sold me pretty hard.

(not my door)



scraping paint off windows is not easy.


one PANE, both sides took me almost a half an hour,

and it took paint off the edge of the door where the window meets the pane, so i will have to go back and touch all that shit up.

this one door will take me 15 hours to scrape, then another 1-2 hours to touch up.


over the next few days i will be taping the rest of the windows with frog tape.

the whole reason i didn't want to tape them in the first place was bc i knew it would take me forever.

*punches self in face