my vagina is going to disneyworld!!!



good news friends..

my doctor called with my lab results yesterday afternoon at about 3:00.

it seems as though all areas of my vagina are cancer free..even cancer cell free!

there was a tiny spot...remember that white edge i spoke of last week?

well that one spot came back as showing CIN1, which is essentially minute cellular changes.

these either go away on their own or they can develop into pre cancer (still not cancer).

so we are just keeping an eye on my vagina (that's what he said) through paps every 6 months.

she seems to think a healthy dose of some vitamins will help me to clear it up on my own.


how lucky am i?



what have we all learned here?

we learned that i am lucky.

and perhaps if i waited another 1-2 years before going and getting a pap that i might not be so lucky.

so if you are still putting off the pap, don't be foolish.

go and get one.

and if you have a family history of any type of cancer and you have not gotten checked out..

well then, you are an asshole.

a foolish asshole.

just go and do it please.




it's friday and that is already reason to celebrate, but it's also now, officially, known as world healthy vagina day...or WHV-day.

and we are celebrating up in here with some wine and wine shooters.

we are also celebrating with the new issue of matchbook mag.

with things like this:


we are also celebrating with the brand new furbish store online.

with awesome things like this:


and this:




and we are also celebrating with new paintings..

like this:


60 x 20





30 x 40



let's all celebrate our asses off this weekend.



yay WHV day!!!!