fall yay

 color palette is important in things.

your home.

your clothes.

your art.

since i am a painter lady now i have been studying hard on all the colors together.

this one is on my brain a lot..

turquoise and rust?

teal and cinnamon?

turquoise and caramel?





how gorgeous are all those colors together?




 anne mcnally's paris apartment in this months AD was pretty much a winner.

quirky, traditional, eclectic, silly.. fabulous!



i love it.


good god that coffee table.



all those minty green walls.

so pretty!



happy weekend all.

and happy fall.


the perfect bedroom and a room with a view

you may remember last week a post i did about my style in a picture..it was started by alek at this cool blog from the right bank to the left coast. anyway...my choice was this room. well i found the bedroom version of my style in a picture. below. look. the simple bed, huge bench, bleached floors, white walls...mmmm...i love it. i also love the play with scale. doesn't it look so serene and peaceful?this next picture is all about that view. i mean you just know that that apartment is a kajillion dollars because of that view and also that the apartment itself is probably teeny tiny. i want to have coffee there tomorrow and a chocolate croissant. image from the paris apartment