a craigslist sunday for pittsburghians


sometimes people email me and ask me to find shit for them on their craigslist.

and because i am fucking amazing at life,  i do it.


here you go pittsburgh!


 pink velvet tufted chair-  $40

such a lovely washed out shade of pink.



claw and ball foot english chest of drawers- $20

needs restoration or just some paint.

then blammity blambo it's awesome again.



antique brass cart-  $75




french sofa- $50 

are u kidding?



 late 60's ealy 70's painted glass geometric art- $40

i LOVE this thing.




victorian brass rocker- $250 

shut it.



brass vanity- $75 

would be so pretty in a black walled bedroom.




 twin wicker headboard- $35

perfect for that 70's boho type girl room.



velvet halfmoon chair- $75



yellow desk and chair- $125



3 wicker bar stools- $25

r u shitting my face?

T W E N T Y F I V E D O L L A R S!!!!!!!!!




mid century green lamps- $50 

so so cool. 




greek key iron coffee table- $650 

expensive but not 1stdibs expensive.



 6 real tulip chairs for- $1200

that's an amazing deal.



antique bamboo wash stand- $300

this has so many possibilities..

sink, bar, bar or bar.



crazy cute secretary- $70

consider high gloss orange.