a little weekend chair porn

i found a new to me site called antiques moderne.  it's located in texas and it's like craigslist for rich people.

good table and case & storage porn too.


some seating favorites:

the upholstery looks pretty great..

but for my purposes i would lacquer them black and upholster them in white linen or velvet.

impractical but beeutiful.




great shape to this chair.

how about at the end of a hall under some fabulous piece of art.

upholster it in a bold print.









isn't your mind racing with visions of lacquery goodness and velvety softness?

what would you do to them? 

tell me tell me!!!!

(it would be the equivalent of dirty talk)



i know.

i can hear the audible gasping.





and there's plenty for everyone!!


what's your favorite???

happy weekending.

i am going to chuck e cheese today.





ridiculous AND fantastic. or just ridiculous.

saturday morning rolls around and i am hesitant to click on my 1st dibs saturday sale newsletter.

this is largely primarily completely due to the fact that i come from the shopping clan of craig.

1st dibs is for kings and queens.


there were 2 pieces that caught my eye today.

both of them completely ridiculous.

but also completely fabulous.



a little info:

Limited Edition 'Diamond' Sideboard by Pedro Sousa for Boca do Lobo, Portugal 2009. Edition 8/20 is currently on show in our gallery.

Designed as a Gothic/Romantic faceted jewel, this very unusual sideboard features two sculptured doors and two soft touch drawers leading to an opulent gold leaf covered interior.

The exterior gets its unique depth of colour from the application of silver leaf finished with a a translucent amethyst high gloss varnish. The feet are hand carved from mahogany and completed in gold leaf.



i'm sorry but this thing is big balls decorating.

i wish i had a place to put it and it could make sense in my house.

bc if it could make sense it would be pretty awesome.

can't decide if the feet are monkeys or camels.

the latter being camel toes is almost too much for me to take.

what does it say about me that i love this thing?

who's with me?





Single sconce also available (priced as a pair)



i know.

my wierdness is showing.

i just think these would be so unexpected in a great big old traditional living room.

they are shiny, sculptural and fantastic.

agree or crazypants?