me and kevin spacey are gonna be like THIS!

so i gotta call back for the newest kevin spacey movie called "father of invention". it shoots in new orleans so the casting people want me in new orleans on sunday to meet with the director and producer. sounds a LOT fancier than it really is.
here is the part in a nutshell...
mother: (that's me) "billy!! billy!!"
kevin spacey: (that's my new BFF) "is everything ok?"
mother: "i've lost my son"
kevin spacey: "is he human?"
(see the joke here is, i am holding a leash)
mother: "he's a little boy"
kevin spacey: "is that him?"
mother: "BILLY!!! you gave me a heart attack!!!" (as i put leash back on my son)
wish me luck peeps..i sure could use a job.