come on lottery!!- if you're reading this you're invited..unless your'e a dude then, no. but if you are my best gay alex then yes.

do you ever ask yourself why you aren't richer?

i know i do.

almost always.

this is probably why i am not richer. i spend more time wondering about it

rather than accomplishing something that would make me richer. 

and i don't ask for exorbitant amounts of money (though i wouldn't mind being filthy rich) when i do my money prayers at night.  nope.

just enough to have all the things one needs plus should an emergency arise (car troubles, hospital bills, flea medicine for my infested cats) there is enough either in savings or regular checking to cover it.

and lawn maintenance...that would be nice too.

and to go to the grocery store and not have to put shit back bc i fear i have gone over.

oh and enough to send my daughter to a good school. i don't need a fancy car but one that doesn't have a window taped shut and a muffler hanging off would be good.

you get the idea.

have any of you ever read the blog, cupcakes and cashmere?

the girl who writes it is a pretty, twentysomething who blogs about herself in cute clothes.

she offers tips on makeup and she loves to eat baked goods. and she eats them a lot. (and she's super skinny- hate)

she is quite a good baker too.

but i can't help but be ever so slightly annoyed by her.

does anyone else have a problem with people who blog about their outfits?

she also travels a lot. 

of this i am most jealous.

i should be travelling more.

i go no where.


ever ever.

her most recent trip was to the parker hotel in palm springs.

and this place looks like a most awesome time.

i want to go too.

with girls.  not in a scissory way.

just my girl pals.

all of you.

you know who you are.

anna, molly, seems, emily, anne, annie, sarah, elsie, T, jillo, susie, nelya, raina, vv..

i always find great comfort being around my friends.

i don't get to see any of you hardly ever and that makes me supersads.

and i just want you to know..

should i ever win the lottery or if bravo ever gives me my own show or...

i am taking us all here:

and don't worry. we will have the whole palce to ourselves, jay z style.

and yes, there will be picnics:

and for sure naked cartwheels here:

hungover breakfasts here:

mani/pedi's here:

followed by obnoxious shopping here:

secret j smoking here:

possible drowning here:

then annie, emily, anna, sarah and myself will treat you to some really awesome improv skits...

followed by fart lighting by yours truly.

who's in?