pinning shame

if you aren't on pinterest you are missing out on one of life's most awesome time sucks.

but i know you are.

everyone is and if i invented pinterest we would all be at the parker palm springs right now smoking grade A weed, swimming naked and having a shoe party like nene and marlo.


not only do i pin your pins but i stare at my pins like a tumblr and have great pinning taste.

some of you do not. 

and i secretly laugh at your tacky pins behind your back.

just kidding. 

we pin what we pin for a reason.

i'm not really a pin judger.

that said..

sometimes i will pin something that i know is mostly horrendous but the rug in it is awesome.

but i like to SAY..hey everyone...this room sucks dicks but isn't the color of the wall pretty?

that way you know that i know that you know i still have awesome taste.

and now the whole world knows how incredibly superficial i really am.


all that to say..

look at these pins that i love and want to lick..


those lamps and that black and brass beast.




i have big love for this bedroom.

the only thing i would change are those tables.

waaaaay too small.



the rug is killing it.

and so is that blue desk working 2 jobs.



if you follow this blog long time you know my deep deep love for small kitchens.

i love the low ceilings.

i love the display of coffee gadgets.

i love that it apparently opens up onto some kind of amazing porch..

this is my dream summer house cabin place.

look at those glossy white beams!

go punch yourself in the boobs right now.



good lord in heaven what's not to love?



this needs to happen on some steps i have.

if only i knew what in the fart it was.

creeping jenny?

purple star-like flower? 

help me gardening nerds.



seriously, if pinterest crashed there would be a million ladies and gays taking to pills and booze bc they suddenly wouldn't know what to do with themselves.


you can follow me on pinterest.



happy weekending!