"i love smashin walls"

i don't know about you but watching this episode made my palms sweat...

i am pretty sure it's one of my dream jobs to walk through someones hamptons house with 3 assistants holding pads of paper while i bark instructions at them.

i am really looking forward to the outcome of this house..

what do you think about cortney's knock down every wall approach to decorating?


9 by design

combining my love of reality television and design. shooting stars out of my poophole.

can we all agree that if you are flying to london and/or having a party for 300 people you HAVE money. nothing makes me feel like scraping your face off than when you rich people talk about how you have no money.

ding dong

let me be the 5th person (i think) to blog about this house in the last 24 hours! sorry. but i think we all need to call up this fabulous couple and tell them we are all moving in with them..whats a few more kids, right?
i love everything here and can't wait for their book to come out so i can buy it and shut myself up in my room and drool all over the pages!!