more evidence of my death the other night

i know i mentioned yesterday in my blogger meetup recap that by saturday night's end my body pulled an elvis circa 1977.  too much food, too much drink, not enough sleep and acting a fool for 24.8 hours ending up on a toilet passed out (or dead)..

 i dreamt of this room that night and i am pretty sure that this moth was flying over my head telling me that i needed to head to NYC for the next blogger meet up, somewhere inside ochre..

 in the mean time ruby beets sells them and i might have to get one soon..

here are a few of my favorites...


aren't they wonderfully beautiful and creepy??

joseph scheer is the photographer (and obvious buffalo bill weirdo) and i am quite certain they are out of my price range (that being craigslist range) but a girl can death dream.


i am fine now. i just needed a lot of rest.

thanks for your concern.