a snowy day

well...it DID snow! and as promised here is a picture taken from our yard into the neighbor's yard (hi jeff!). it is really coming down hard and fast. ginormous flakes too.
after playing in it for five minutes, i am a southern girl after all, it was time to come inside and plan dinner. methinks i shall roast a chicken. with rice for my husband who loves it and sauteed cabbage for me. to me that is ultimately the best kind of food on a cold winters day. homey and full of flavor. a few glasses of wine and a movie after the little one goes to bed and this will have been quite a perfect day.
whereas tomorrow starts day one of my cleansing fast. farts. i am not looking forward to water and lemon instead of coffee and cream, almond and blueberry smoothies instead of eggs and toast, miso soup and water for dinner. sounds miserable doesn't it? well, it is afterall to help my liver clean out all of the gunk. and a bonus is i KNOW my skin will look amazing after a day or two. so i am going to enjoy my buttery roast chicken and wine tonight like its my very last meal ever. for tomorrow i will most likely be unbearably hungry and not someone you want to know. i shall be interested to see what direction this blog goes in for the next coupl'a.



well, nothing craps on your excitement for spring plans faster than snow coming! don't get me wrong though i do love the snow, mostly because here in the south it's a bit like a mysterious character in a fairy tale; elusive and rare. i'm sure if i had to live with perpetual snow and cold like they do in northern climes i would be pretty pissed at this point in the year. well OUR weather report calls for snow tomorrow. i have a feeling this time it's actually going to happen. call it a witchy sense but i feel it in my bones. that's ok though, because true to atlanta fashion it will be gone the very next day and most likely 70 degrees the day after that. i will post pictures though if it does!!