carpet talk

5 years ago i would have punched carpet in the dick.

but not these days.

these days i kind of want carpet in places (that's what he said).

my bedroom and fiona's room, namely.

but i wouldn't kick it out of my living room either.


there is something about it that is a little bit nostalgic for me and i like that.


not the dirty, cheap shags;

the whores of the rug kingdom. 


plus i think there is something luxurious about it.


oh, carpet has it's drawbacks.

one- it holds dirt and dust and other gross stuff and you have to have it cleaned a lot..

and truth be told until 1 of my cats dies (i'm talking to you naggie) we can't even have rugs.

we have 1 rug, a cowhide, in our whole house.

and let me tell you...cowhides are the most practical rug to have if you have pets.

and children.

nothing penetrates them (that's what she said).

spills just wipe away.

sorry some cow had to die but that cow honestly is doing a great service to my floor.

so, thank you cow.


but i digress..

this is about carpet.

wall to wall in fact.

here are some delicious shots of wall to wall carpet..



this carpet is ridiculous.

that whole room is ridiculous.

i'll bet the carpet alone cost more than my house is worth.



not all carpet of the past is shag and/or puke green.

this one from daivd hicks is circa 1960's and it still is quite awesome.


it would seem that the majority of wall to wall carpet i found out there had some sort of pattern..

and i like that.


k.w. is not afraid.



miles is definitely not afraid.


so why don't we use it more?

these are our design heroes, right?

so why do none of us have carpet?

and i'm not talking about the builder grade bullshit that came with your house.

most of us need to rip that shit out immediately upon moving in.

but i'd say only .4% of us design savvy people would even consider replacing it with more carpet.

is it bc the pretty ones are unaffordable or are we just giant carpet pussies?

or am i the only one who likes it?

or is it too permanent?


katie ridder uses carpet like a champ.



then there's the natural choices.

like sisal or jute or sea grass...

 i love this option the best for living rooms and the like..



it's such a great neutral and offers up so much texture.

but don't think for one second that it's cheap.

cuz it's not.



so...the point is...

fiona needs a rug.

and i have no idea what kind of rug i want to get her.

and the more i thought about it the more i realized it was less about the rug and more that i wanted a feeling of luxury underfoot.

the kind of padded luxury that carpet allows.

AND...she has a lot of toys and books and kid shit..

and that stuff gets dustier than an old, taxidermied beaver.

 i believe that carpet would help absorb some of that dust.

seems logical.

and i vacuum like a boss.

that translates into i legitimately enjoy vacuuming.


 i rent so i obviously am not going to lay down carpet.

but i can get some padding and a carpet remnant and have it edged or whatever it is you call it.

and have it fit to size.


can't i do that?



who has experience with this?


let's talk about carpet.



some damn things ya'll..

today is good for lots of reasons.


tonight i get watch american horror story and cry into my shitted pants.



i made this for all of us to enjoy..




christine finally has her painting..


a close up..


you go there now to see more of where it's hanging(with mr. cooper)..


those are all some damn things yaaaaa'llll..