"i'm excited for this project though because anything we do is gonna make it look better"...a novogratz discussion

(beach house before)


(beach house after)

wise words cortney novogratz.

i could have rubbed blood and dead cats all over that place and it would have looked better.




was anyone else side-eyeing the "$40,000 budget" talk?


i thought for the clients (2 young surfer chick sisters) the house they designed was brilliant.



here is what i am thinking...

the smeg costs what, about 3 grand? right?

the pink stove was prolly what...5 grand?

the new kitchen cabinets were at LEAST 10 grand, on the low end?

the shades for ALL 11 windows downstairs plus some upstairs..were probably 2 grand? 1 maybe?

plus there were the floors (refinished), the stairs (rebuilt), all of the furniture, the 3,000 dollar piece of (heinous) art,  the graffiti artist who came to do an art installation (though he prolly did it for free so he could have some free advertising), the wallpaper (anyone know what that was?)..etc..

all in all i am guessing this makeover cost them more like 100,000.




p.s. the top picture is totally not the before of this house but it was super gross like that sort of.