yesterday was weird but today is weirder


(my happy place)


it's almost like it never happened.

i worked my tail off for a client, hours on the computer, seeking out pretty things and cutting and slicing and layering..basic mood boarding.

then i was faced with client sticker shock.

estimates went over by a lot.


i am learning valuable lessons left and right.



i took a break from work to watch some real housewives of new york while i ate a fish taco.



alex is a model and works from a bunker..


ramona is a winemaker and i am so buying some...



the new housewife owns beaver shaving stores..



sonja is having sex with a seriously hot younger dude...


luann is having sex with david schwimmer:


and alex is still awkward:



and jill is crazy:



have a safe and happy weekend.


ramona's pinot grigio farts,


 i have nothing but raw, heartfelt gratitude for all of you who spoke the motherfucking truth yesterday! 

preach it sisters!

every time i read a new comment i took a great big easy breath.

it helped me tremendously, so thank you.

and i hope in some way it helped you too.

sometimes it's easy to tell people what they should be doing and so often we just need to take our own advice.

since that time i have done a great deal of laundry, dusted a few window sills, vacuumed, touched up my roots and even found time to sit in the sun and flip through a stack of catalogs!!!  WHAAAAT!?!? 

OH!! i even took some notes for the book.

and in fact i woke up brimming with ideas!

so again, thank you. 


here is what i have for you today..


that place looks like it smells good.


this room:

i honestly can't stop thinking about it.


this lonny kitchen: 

i fucking love it!!

not a subway tile in sight.

i am well aware of this being a love it or hate it type of thing.

where do you fall?

i'll bet it's even better in person.



clean sheets:

on the list for today.



these chairs:

if you see them somewhere please tell me.



this bench:

is going to copy these chairs:




this little girl:


her first

soccer game

tomorrow (and a new umbrella).

and she is pretty.


dad has something to say about that part..

have a merry weekend!

thanks for being really awesome.



big love,