all A's.



new lantern.

inside top painted gold.

taking pictures in the morning is dumb.



"violet" 24 x 30



virus diet tips:

1. contract a virus.

2. take 2 bites of everything.

3. stop working out for 2 weeks.

4. lay down a lot.




let's recap..



1. kim is moving in with tom sizemore



2. kyle cries 



bc the meth is burning her eyes..



3. taylor nominates herself for a "women in business" award..

and loses yaaaay!!!!


4. lisa's not invited..



5. kyle's house went from the back room at cost plus world market to the back room at rachel ashwell.

either that or she raided lisa's basement...



 6. lisa has a princess tea party for tv purposes just for fun!!


 taylor speaks her mind..


all over the place..



she calls it "speaking the truth"

i call it "straight trippin"



also today is fiona's school thanksgiving feast.

we are bringing chik-fil-a.






lonny delights

 the whole thing was ass kicking..

but this was my favorite:

love love love love love love love love love




so creamy!

even though i would run faster than madonna from hydrangeas to snatch those wordy crown pillows off that couch and burn them to the ground.




thank you a lot for all the advice yesterday.

some really good stuff in there.

i am for sure going to paint the inside black and lady meares has sold me on a screen.

but i might actually give the painted logs a try since i have so many MFing logs.

why not right?

i will totes take pictures for you and then punch myself in the face for saying "totes".


and lastly..

i have something awesome to share with you and i cannot share it with you yet.




go read lonny if u haven't. 

p.s. for even more of the home above go here




i am pleased (beyond really) that she got bought up.

and in fact the ladypants who bought her sent pics and i photoshopped it into her house and it looks fantastic in there.

she probably wouldn't be cool with me showing her living quarters to everybody so you'll just have to trust me.

and...i know...

as asshole-y as it is to just start painting one day and be all pleased with yo'self- i am still pleased with myself.

and am a TOTAL asshole.


sadly i will not be doing a turds recap this week.

i am leaving for the beach on thursday morning and i simply do not have the time to do it.

i didn't even watch it.

but i do know that berkus was the guest judge and i am working on his CeLeBriTy FRRAgRance.

so far the scent is a healthy dose of leather and a hint of MFAMB secretions from my own private distillery.


i promise a recap next week.


sorry for the late post.

i am busy packing and being arty and more famous.