shameless self promotion

last night i did some improv down at the village theatre. it had been quite some time since i had. i helped start an improv company back in '94 ( i was a baby of 24) called whole world theatre. i performed there for 9 years. apart from now those were the best years of my life. i enjoyed many successes there. in 2002 i left to explore other things- one thing i explored was being a big fat pregnant woman and pooping out a kid! well, 7 years later i was ready to get back in it. it seemed logical for me go to village b/c it didn't feel like going back, ya know? nothing against whole world, and in fact i would still do a show there too-but i needed it to and different and somehow more challenging. well i had a ton of fun and it felt great to get my feet wet again. can't wait for next weeks shows. unlike whole world, village is a very new company...a baby! they don't charge admission, its more a give what you can fee. don't be mislead by that though. the cast is as good as any i have ever worked with (in fact some of them are old students of mine) and i have worked with loads of extremely funny and talented people, some of the best in improv. they could easily charge as much as thier competition. they also don't have their liquor license so its byob (which while not convenient would save money for you in the long run).
anyway...come down and see a show!! i hope to be in this saturday's. click on the village theatre link for more info. hope to see you there!