rooms, eyebrows and a good cause

 first up..

some gorgeous interiors i've been hoarding on my desktop.


what is it about all white rooms that makes me so drooly?

also i can't get over the tiny chairs.  in a good way.



just a pretty shot. 



my dream bathroom.

i could get ready for parties at downton in here.



john derian.  bow down.



for me it's all about the pottery party on the table. 

i love a good pot'ry party.

i also love a good, round dining table. 

basically this room is weird and wonderful.

it also tells me that the person living here has a lot of money. 



speaking of weird and wonderful..



we are discussing eyebrows.


we are not discussing the way my lip hangs as if i have had a stroke.

maybe i HAVE!!!

maybe that's my problem!!


the truth is that it's a scar from when i was 7 and i stepped on my skateboard as i bent to pick it up and it flipped back up in my face and busted my lip open.  #badass


i stroked out and didn't even know it.



nope we are discussing eyebrow growth.


listen to me.

stop plucking. 

no...really. altogether full stop.

for around 2 months.

at which point you can pluck the strays that are way down your brow bone...almost to your eyelid. 

you won't be needing those you monster. 


the idea is you want to aspire to these ladies..

meet your eyebrow inspiration-


kelly oxford



cara delevingne


they are eyebrow hotness.


here's the bottom line ladies..

fuller eyebrows make you look younger.


once you have them grown out go and get them reshaped by a pro. 

and then never ever pluck again.

(only the ones way down the know the ones i'm talking about..the ones that say.."hey..i'm gross"...  just like the ones growing on your left nipple right now)


there really is no real science to this..

just stop plucking and let that shit grow free.

the only thing i did in the THREE MONTH PROCESS OF NOT TOUCHING..

was grab a scissor and comb the hairs down toward my eyeball and then snip the ends of them.

be careful here though. 

stab stab. 


and invest in a good eyebrow pencil/filler.

i use this one and i like it a lot. 



and now for the good cause part of this post..


alzheimer's sucks a dick, right?

in fact it is my worst old age nightmare fear.


i can't think of anything more horrifying for both the alzheimer's patient and the family of the alzheimers patient.

as we age isn't it all about the memories?

your family?

your grandchildren? 

well fuck me if i lose my mind and can't remember any of that shit.

and until today i had never heard of sundowning and now i hate alzheimer's even more.


my friend katharine, of the blog southern bourbon mountains's mother is suffering from early-onset alzheimers and is walking to help end this horrible disease. 


please read her post on her mother's struggle and how she is coping.


and if you'd like to donate, like i did, you can do that here


ok then.

grow your brows and end alzheimer's.

that's a tall but satisfying order for the weekend. 

you can do it.