friday things

happy friday friends. i’ve got some new collage bowls coming. i’ve really enjoyed making these so much. it’s been a real lesson in efficiency and patience. creating patterns, mixing them, the utter frustration when things don’t work and then doing the happy dance (literally) when they do. the top 2 photos are of the mini’s (6 x 8) and the bottom two are the mid size (11 x 15). the mini’s will be listed in my shop today under bowls. they really are just so fun and i love them so much.

and in other news:

i’m getting the new XR phone. and i need a new case. want this one from bauble bar. can’t decide between the mint with white and gold or the red with pink and silver or the yellow on yellow. my phone is yellow but i don’t think you’d see that with a case on. thoughts?

mike anderson says i use too many paper towels. i would agree but i NEEEED them. cat puke. cat poop. wine dribbles on the counter etc. found 12 (TWELVE?!) sustainable alternatives. have you used any of these with success in the paper towel replacement quest? (we are currently sans washer and dryer so this is all giving me massive anxiety, assuming you have to wash 12/12 of the alternatives.)

are you konmari’ing errthang? read this now. but ok read this first.

barrettes are going to be huge this spring. (maybe scarves too!) i’m here for all of it. i’ve been stalking these for a while.

i love this wallpaper. a lot.

“when you don’t know what to say a casserole says plenty”.

an easy make-ahead and practically readymade kid lunch.

i’m here for the combat boot trend but they need to be a little less in your face (dr. martens) and a little more subtle. these are speaking to me. or maybe the slightly more distressed version, which could say- “oh, these old things? i’ve had them forever.”

where the hell do i find fresh elderberries? help i want to make this magic elixir very badly.

dear god not floating vanities.

i made this salsa last night and it really did taste like restaurant style salsa. side note- i did not use the cans of rotel. i just used 1 28oz. can of whole plum tomatoes. it really does make a fuck-ton of salsa. even without the added rotel.

this ombre citrus tart is so pretty and honestly beyond easy. i’ve pinned this to my party food board bc i just think it is so special to look at with VERY little cooking ability acquired.

for when it's warmer

hey listen. i am perfectly in love with january okay? i don’t even mind the cold. like, i’m really into winter this year is my mantra. slowing down is cool and looking around at all the things you’re grateful for while hustling to attain your goals is very new year new me. i’m fine being a cold, pale, dry-skinned walking hashtag.

that said….spring is my favorite and while i was perfectly happy living my wintry truth, the doën spring collection landed in my inbox and now warm weather, giant, ruffled collars and head scarves are all i can think about.

am i even a headscarf person??!!? the answer is probably not but maybe?


i get why i’m drawn to this collection. it’s a lot like how i dressed c. 1979. minus the headscarf. my mom wore that.

shop the entire collection here.

kitchen of the day

a few technicalities- this isn’t a kitchen in someone’s home. it’s in the basement of a london antiques shop. it’s used for “staff meals, client meetings, marmalade making and dinners for 30”. so to that end it doesn’t have to follow the typical kitchen rules. but there are some great takeaways for home kitchen inspiration.

what i like: that endless counter so good for party/dinner prep. and consequently that equally endless wall of shelving. that brass backsplash thing behind the stove. and check out the contrasting finishes there (gasp). the comfy looking chairs and table plopped down instead of an island. those sweet little ruffled edge pendants. the painted concrete flooring that looks like limestone. the drawers and cabinetry- so perfect and timeless. the drawers look like a dresser and i love that. the hidden dishwasher.

what i don’t like: the pendant above the table. it’s not my fave. i might do something a little more modern there. for contrast. feel me? the endless wall of shelves. i know it’s in my list of likes but that’s a lot of space to fill and shit could get cluttered real fast. i’m not crazy about the sink. it’s cool and everything but i really don’t like sinks that sit on top of a surface. i would crack or break everything that could crack or break while washing dishes. also don’t care for the little shabby chic wood patch thing behind the faucet.

is it my dream kitchen? no. but those cabinets def. are. going into the files for sure.

see more here.