around the yard

i am genuinely doing the most and the least right now in my yard.

my yard is too big for one person to maintain. i haven’t even planted my seeds in my veg beds because i am focusing on weeds and ivy. have to get while the gettins’ not swarming with mosquitoes.

i’m never not looking at inspiration for areas in my yard that need a little attention and direction.

here are a few that i’ve pinned and still want to incorporate in some way…

roses on fences forever.

i love a long lush grass situation. ecolawn is my favorite to achieve this lewk. the problem with it is me. you have to water constantly until it’s established and re-seed over and over. i am notoriously bad at watering things. so we have patches of it around the yard where it established and it is truly spectacular. you don’t ever have to mow it. and once it’s established you never have to fertilize it or water it.

i have been asking mike anderson to remove too-tall gardenia bushes (more like trees) from the front of the house for ages. i want to replace with oak leaf hydrangea. don’t @ me about the gardenias. i hate them.

cute. but really into that potted plant. what is it? anyone?

besides having the house painted the number 1 top of list to do is replace the retaining wall that goes all the way around the front and side of our 100 year old house. the retaining wall is as old as the house so…you can only imagine the state it’s in. i love a stacked stone look. but it’s also crazy expensive. so many remodels i see use that engineered stone shit and i can spot the sham a mile a way. but, it’s also affordable so am guessing that’s the reason it’s fucking everywhere. ugh or railroad ties. i can’t.

would someone make this for me? a stone bowl of succulents? cool. thanks.

yes to jasmine. yes to vines climbing up your house.

i’d love it if you all could share your favorite garden/yard/landscape sources. blogs, pinterest boards, online mags…etc.

thanks friends.

kim's house


this image looks like my 15th hour of intermittent fasting feels.

let’s face it based on the meager screen captured shots from the video i can only estimate that the entire house resembles this hallway. cold, vacuous, uninteresting and hungry.

but i don’t hate the decor of this house. i mean, not really or in theory. i hate the size. who in the fucking fuck of all fucks needs a house this big? private schools aren’t this big.

here’s what i found out…this is kanye’s doing.

kanye and vervoordt are franz. no, seriously….read all about that here.

if you wanna skip the article that’s cool. i broke it down for you - kanye saw a table and was all….who responsible? axel was all…me! kanye was all…i love art and things with soul. axel was all…i love you.

so they built a house together.


i mean….jesus! wait…no. i mean…yeezus!

look at that square footage. colossal.

please show us more of this giant, white, sepulchral box.

“floral arrangements”.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 5.46.58 PM.png

i can appreciate the contrast here. stark minimalism inside and lush rainforest out. what must it cost to maintain a rainforest in calabasas? also is this the bathroom?

i think this is all just kanye being kanye.

it isn’t a home. it’s an art project.

my best opinion is that it’s on the spectrum. just like kanye.

what happens when kim gets all that contour and self tanner on everything?

in summary:

if i’m being honest i don’t hate it. i hate that it’s theirs.

also axel vervoordt always and forever.

also also - i think a few antique tabriz rugs and some kid art would turn this all around.