friday things


it is finally gloriously fall here in atlanta. the temperature dropped dramatically overnight a few nights ago and i feel like a new person.

the yard sale went great, thanks for asking. i was sick as hell during the actual sale. it might have been garage grime or seasonal allergies or half a bottle of strong pinot noir the night before, or maybe a combo of all 3 but i was down for the count. thank goodness mike managed to do most of the selling and manning of the area. i made drinks and frozen bean things from trader joes to keep him from murdering people (me).

was it worth it? not really. but, i will say that i learned a few valuable lessons.

  1. don’t store clothes in bags in your garage.

  2. don’t take your clothes to goodwill. you won’t anyway. consign them and make some actual money. this goes for kids clothes too. ESPECIALLY kid’s clothes. there are probably some really great kid’s consignment shops in your area.

  3. stop buying shit.

  4. the end.

moving on…

i’ve added a few new paper collages to my shop.

the one above “proto proto

and these:

see everything here.

this upstate ny farmhouse is really very attractive. those heated tile floors omg. just the general eclectic, “non-farmhouse-y” vibe, i really like it.

what an absolute beauty. love the whole look.

i will be making these “healthy chocolate chip cookies” this weekend. i’ll let you know.

this is the cutest trench coat i’ve seen.

again with the ruffled collar. the mini dresses!

enjoy your weekend.

need sale

need supply is one of my favorite online shops. they have wonderfully curated thangs. from high to low and it’s all styled to look like you don’t know the difference. they are having a friends and family sale that starts TO-day. i reckon things will go pretty quickly. like every little abstract bathmat from cold picnic. or maybe this muff mat? 30% off everything site wide. no code. discount applies in checkout. (some brand exclusion applies)

also, need supply is one of my favorite places to shop for gifts. you would be doing yourself a great service if you did a little (or all) of your holiday shopping right now. imagine being done with holiday shopping in october? you could focus on just being happy and jolly for the next 3 months.

here are some of my favorites:

vanilla puff sleeve sweater - under $50!

black ribbed turtleneck sweater - could not love this more. great with anything you pair it with. personally loving the way they’ve styled it here over the satin dress.

pink torso mat - currently just $42.

comme des garcons wallet - that is the happiest blue i’ve ever seen. would make a fantastic gift for your favorite lady.

drink rocks - these are also majorly giftable. and pretty.

hinoki candle - i don’t go for pumpkin candles. this one says fall without the sugar and spice. it’s also currently $23. there are lots of flavors to choose from. and lots of brands to choose from. if you want it to smell like summer forever go for this candle.

old skool vans - sadly these sold out before i had a chance to blink. see all vans options here.

rolling hills table lamp - unexpected and cool.

teddy jacket - i love the collar so much.

aesop geranium body scrub - i have used this before and can tell you it is great. everything aesop makes is great.

notorious oud frangrance - sounds amazing.

classic black boot - i would agree.

pearl drop earrings - eight dollars y’all.

structured beret - i prefer the look of a structured beret over the regular kind.