kitchen of the day

it's almost too pretty. 

it has SO many elements that my dream kitchen has....wall of windows over the sink, wood burning fireplace for cooking AND warmth, galley-ish, white as dave and busters on a sunday. on and on and on. 

those plants! fucking awesome. 

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so i had to unfriend someone who couldn't get behind meryl and that speech. 

facebook is obviously the worst (and so are celebrities), but look, we need to collectively stand up to people who are fuck heads. donald trump is a fuck head. we also need to back people who are sticking their neck out to defend people who maybe can't defend themselves.

i didn't feel like her speech was an attack on trump but rather an attack on injustice. and how the press needs to stand in line with the truth. 

i've been seeing a lot of memes stating that we can all disagree politically and still be friends...

well....yes but not when the other side is donald trump. sorry not sorry.

i can't get behind your agenda AT ALL. i could explain why he sucks but that would take all day so i won't. plus you probably already know. but if you're one of the folks who still thinks the man is great (he thinks so too btw) here's a quick summary on why he isn't. 

and here's the thing- i don't dislike you for voting for him. and i don't unfriend you because you did so. i get it, not everyone was team hillary. such is politics. but i can unfriend you for defending his continued bigotry, entitlement, denial of facts, intention to work with racists and misogynists etc...

so at the end of the day i didn't unfriend you because you weren't team meryl. but the fact that you weren't team meryl because you still blindly hold on to your vote for the cheeto which means you're holding onto your ego which means you suck. 


if you don't follow on instagram i had another sale yesterday and there are still a few deeply discounted pieces over there. so head on over. if there is no "sold" in the comments it means it's still available.



oberto gili's italian home

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i bought his book a while back and it's my go to book when i need to connect to interiors that aren't contrived or too perfect or too trendy. it's such a perfect escape on a snow day or lazy weekend afternoon.

friday finds

atlanta is currently facing a TREACHEROUS SNOWSTORM (3 inches).

and i'd really rather be here.  

but...not one to wish away life i will embrace it and put on my snow boots, get out in it and build a janky snowman with fiona. 


are you detoxing booze? i was but then said fuck that.

if you still are but want a little something to sip on that isn't water this sounds grown up.


speaking of not detoxing....i can't stop making these brownies (or eating them). i tried to gift them to a friend but she was like, bitch...i'm on weight watchers! and then i was like...what kind of asshole gives brownies to a friend in the new year!??! i am no friend! so as punishment now i'm stuck with them. send help. 


i can't stop listening to her


these are my favorite underwear of all time. 


these are on my wish list. a really good looking, well priced loafer. 


i am painting my bedroom this color and it's perfection. i think it could work in so many different types of rooms. it reads different in all sorts of light, sometimes pink, sometimes lavender, sometimes gray, sometimes white. it's a winner. 


outfit goals


and finally...

i want to (don't want to) see this so badly.