friday things

the internet was good to us this week….

home tours:


leith clark’s london townhouse is really good. from the pink carpeted stairs to custom brass cabinets to the upholstered closet doors…just…just go look!

we’ve all seen photos of ben pentreath and charlie mccormick’s “the old parsonage” home a dozen times. but bible of british taste blogger and obvious friend of ben and charlie has gifted us with a shit-ton more.


putting this fleece pullover on my christmas list.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 10.04.08 AM.png

ysl nail polish is my favorite and worth the price. this shade is very october.

this is a very pretty dress that i would wear now with this sweater over it and these boots.

i think this is an excellent price for a pair of cashmere sweatpants. also going on christmas list.

as far as sweaters go this one ticks all the boxes: several color options (i happen to like this dusty pink one), chunky but not bulky, cozy, warm but not suffocating, long enough to cover your fat ass or FUPA and yet thin enough to frat-tuck it if you need to.


the sugar high is palpable after the 2nd or 3rd donut.

fewer things bring me as much joy as a bad lip reading.

have a great weekend!

it's warm. it's cold.

let me remind you how effective a jacket/sweater/blazer over a dress can be for these confused weather times.


nothing new here.

but i do particularly like the look of a belt cinching in an oversized blazer. so it looks a bit more like a coat. but you do you. i also like the oversized sweater thing. and shoes are a whatever-you-like scenario as far as i’m concerned. boots (all shapes), sneaks, loafers…all good. i am always gonna be partial to a heel. but i suppose it depends on the length of the dress, you feel me? on the other hand there are days when only a casual sneaker will do.

here are some considered looks:


i’ve had my eye on this jacket from mango for a while. it’s just barely back in stock. like, as in i was alerted via email this morning that it was back in stock. i like the fall tones with the minty green jersey slip dress. (it’s 50% off. also comes in black.) i also like how the jacket toughens up the flowy dress and the kitten heel boot brings back a little sexy femininity.


i LOVE this dress from vince and am OBSESSED with this corduroy blazer from ganni. the blazer is completely versatile and perfect. i am pretty sure the blazer would be on me every day it was chilly enough. belt / boots


this blush dress from tibi is so pretty and also 50% off. pair it with this double breasted blazer from mango (also on sale!) and cinch it in real tight with a double wrap belt. throw on a pair of combat boots and be fashion. for serious that blazer would be good thrown over jeans or a pair of leather leggings too.


well isn’t this easy and cute?

you probably already have a slip dress and an oversized cardigan. if not these are both massively affordable and comfortable but fashion with a pair of high top sneaks.