monday things

have a nice weekend? 

friday i drank martinis and don't remember much during or after. *note to self- don't ever ever drink martinis. (it looked and sounded like this)

my yard is an overgrown mess and i can't with it. send help. 

i am the only person on earth who can't grow zucchini. but i can GROW ALL THE WEEDS.

an animal keeps taking a shit on my porch. in the same spot. (not my cats)

do you watch escape to the country on netflix? you should. endless episodes about regulars buying a home in the english countryside. only downside to this show is there is no gratification. i.e. you don't know if they buy the house or not. sounds like a terrible case of blue balls, i know but trust me when i say just seeing (some of) the homes and villages and countryside makes it totally worth it.


other things to consider: 

i really like this bardot tunic from emerson fry. it looks multi-functional. i love it styled here with the skinny jeans and mule-y slides. 

sadly it's sold out. but i got on the waiting list for my size. 


here are words i never thought i'd utter: this pizza truck is gorgeous. 


i'm super down with tator tots as party food. getting 4 bags today for my next pool party


this looks and sounds delicious. 

crunchy veg bowl with warm peanut sauce


i love this and want a slightly smaller version on my foot.



wanting to try christophe robin's cleansing mask with lemon.

Christophe Robin's cleansing mask won Allure's coveted Best of Beauty award for 2016 and with good reason - it not only fixes color, but also restores gloss and bounce to chemically treated hair. Made from gentle ingredients that won't strip your hair of its natural oils, this non-detergent formula is infused with Lemon Zest, soothing Chamomile and St. John's Wort Extracts to balance pH levels, nourish follicles and prevent loss of artificial pigments.

sounds like what i need. 


what'choo got?



easy summer outfit

this outfit is many things.

first of all i have never been much of a skirt girl. probably bc i sit like a dude most of the time. but lately i have seen some really cute options that are both comfy and easy to pull off. and frankly we should all air out our cooters during the summer months. you know it's true. a breeze up there when it's hot can feel extraordinary. 

i love a girly skirt paired with a boyish cut tee. and since mini's are best paired with flats i'd go for a sleek and feminine option rather than a flip flop. c'mon people. stop wearing flip flops as shoes and leave them for the beach. layer on some gold pendant necklaces, a tiny bit of lip/cheek stain and undone hair. 



tassel slides

shoulder bag

honey infused hair oil

lip 2 cheek in beloved

letter necklace

hammered charm necklace




summer bedroom

do you do a seasonal refresh?

i love to change out sheets and such. we don't do rugs here because we have cats. but if i had rugs i'd probably pull them up and clean them and store them. seems like the smart thing to do. 

one of these days i swear to you i will paint my orange wood floors white. 

i digress. 

a good place to start in the summer bedroom is crisp, fresh white sheets and a pretty suzani. or a bright set of shams and a soft, floral, feminine duvet. change out the art above your bed and add a zippy new catch-all and a summer scented candle to your bedside table. now dust your baseboards and wash those windows and you're all set.