spring things

it’s spring innit? really and truly. the weather is perfectly spring here in georgia. 9/10 times we don’t get a real spring. it just goes from cold to hot. the wisteria bloom and then it’s time to find a pool. so far it’s just been so gloriously spring! warm but also FREEZING. windy and bright. more squirrels than you can shake a stick at. or in my case, than a cat can kill. i’m just really enjoying it. best life vibes.

obviously this is the time to consider the garden. so far the soil is tilled, hay is purchased and the seeds are soaking. i also consider the porch and sitting on it. afternoons are warm enough with a sweater but i’d very much like to improve my view. our house numbers are giant and ugly and literally in the center of the gable (is it a gable?) let’s just say they’re front and center and the font is not my favorite. i’d like a smaller, modern version of numbers and i’d like them still visible but less in your face. sort of married miley vs. single-with-tongue miley. the door needs a color too. it’s orange-y oak and it’s ugly in all scenarios. i like coral-peach. or maybe the hottest of pinks. but what about a combination of the two? (fact: if i could convince all parties i’d paint the house a coral-peach and go for a glossy black door.) also, our porch light situation is as builder grade as you can get. i have never stopped wanting a moravian star. this is a nicely priced one. still figuring out if i want it to hang pendant or flush mount style. (also fact: if it were up to me i’d go with sconces anyway).

in other news…i’ve planted hollyhock bulbs (tubers?) in containers where they’re sure to grow. i’ve also purchased a watering can so that i don’t forget to water them. still to come - dinner plate dahlias, elephant ears, ferns and a whole slew of vegetables in raised beds. mike anderson if you’re reading you need to get to digging.

and still more things-

i’m probably not supposed to walk around in bright turquoise eyeshadow. but i bought some anyway. also peach, lavender and hot pink. can’t wait to play.

this book is in my cart. i’m not afraid.

this dress is not in my cart but it should be. SO flattering on every single body type.

really cute earrings.

pretty colored glass votives for 10 bucks each. a whole slew of these down the center of the table with classic white plates and linens plus a few little sweet peas and pansies in tiny glass bottles would be the perfect easter brunch setting.

can someone tell me why the ultrafragola mirror is 9k? and also can someone give me 9k?

bowl inspiration. or nails.

barettes for your hairs.

fresh etsy

this is an attractive chandelier for right around $300. i’ve got the feels for this too.

a cactus mug for your pencils or your flowers or your coffee.

a vintage army green t shirt seems very on the mark rn.

a dusty pink tablecloth that comes in just about every size imaginable. round too. other colors available.

pretty pressed flower wall hanging.

a 12 ft. long runner for under $300.

love print.

a john kacere print.

needle. felted. animals. you guys. i can’t. this west highland terrier. this icelandic horse. this chill polar bear. this dumb hedgehog gardening. i could honestly go on. just go. and yes, you can get a custom version of your pet. or of YOU AND your pet should you ever want to see the horror that is you in felt form.

bretty heyman's place then and now

guess what?

the current spring issue of domino is good.

yes, there is still the issue of too few images (too short home tours with too many thumbnail sized images) and far too many ads and random shit. why did we need SIX FULL PAGES of food? plus another 4 from a bon appetit food director? i mean no disrespect to her but unless you are showing me her cool apartment i don’t care. if i want recipes i’ll go directly to bon appetit. and i am an avid cook and LOVE trying new recipes. but srsly. no one buying this magazine is buying it for the recipes. NO ONE. and there is still another 5 pages dedicated to entertaining with still more pictures of food. good grief.

the issue is called the color issue and it’s in every single feature and it’s done really well. from the fonts to the graphics to the homes themselves. i love the moodboards with products, the wallpaper picks from various tastemakers and the homes! i really liked something about all of them. my favorite of the bunch though was brett heyman’s new york apartment. it’s FULL of color. i was searching for images to post about and came across a vogue article from 5 years ago featuring her then apartment. imo it’s soooo much better now. i thought it would be fun to do a little comparison.

here she is in her current apartment. love all the traditional elements mixed with vintage and modern.

i have been really into color blocking lately. it feels fresh and new.

here is this same room before:

i think we can all agree it’s super better now.

this room now is wow:

(sorry for the crappy image. i took it with my phone of my actual issue. i couldn’t find it online.)

that purple is just so YES. it really rockets those warhols into the stratosphere right? and paired with those yellow-gold velvet chairs and the black resin and malachite table, the pierre frey fabric on the sofa. just wow.

here’s the same room before…


same purple and warhols. different everything else. again, just so much more delicious now.

my favorite redo though is the dining room.

here it is now:

yass. yasss yes yes.

here it is then:

um. i have never ever been into turquoise and black as a combo and i’ll just leave it at that.

the new dining room is so much more my thing. the dark walls, the newly painted chandelier in a bright red, the friendly and approachable art wall, the warm wood chairs and that rug. you know i love a nichols rug. i spy the blue column floor lamps from the living room.

you can see a bit more of the new version here.

and lot’s more of the old version here.