friday things

hello friends. it’s the swing of it isn’t it? if you don’t feel like you have a million things to do and you can’t remember what day it is or you forget at least 2 items at the grocery store per visit then you are probably in prison.

tis the season! i’ll take it. at least i’m alive.

here are your pertinent friday things..

some spectacular new bowls coming at you hot.

guaranteed delivery by christmas if you order today. (unless you’re in asia i suppose. but if you are just email me and we can work out a different shipping option for you.)

or…perhaps you’d like to give this 1.2 million dollar rose quartz crystal bathtub as a gift. this showed up on my facebook page and i was like WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? (it kinda looks like a giant vagina, no?)

or maybe baking is your thing. might i suggest this cookie box?

i was having a look around the online shop burke decor which i hadn’t looked at in years. and no this isn’t sponsored. i just noticed that they also have a 1-2 day shipping thing as well as a FREE GIFT with purchase of $150 or more. AND..20$ off site-wide with code ALWAYS. i found a few things that i think would make lovely gifts…like:

these cool modern christmas ornaments which i’m thinking you could hang up year round, these wine breather carafes stopped me in my tracks, this cake stand is beautiful and extra special, these paper frames are cool, just add a photo and that’s a really fine gift for very little money, this cobalt blue glass candleholder made me make a funny noise (like a sex noise) and this pink one did too, i’d rejoice in a gift of pretty petal tapers, also this sphere soap in a fig scent and this notebook are worthy gifts.

and if you missed it you can see and shop all my gift guides right here.

gift guide 2018 for the rest of us


le box bag

this is fun. and a great size. comes in other colors. but why wouldn’t you get the leopard?! dumb.


see-quins eyeshadow

i have played around with this stuff and it is fantastic. use your finger and just press it onto the eyelid for a simple but impactful holiday eye.


yellow tea glasses

just really love them.


curvy high-rise skinny jeans

i tried these on and they are GREAT. really comfy. super high waisted to suck in all the bits. and they make your booty look round.


dark grey sheepskin slippers

who wouldn’t want these?

they also come in several colors.


mac ruby woo

the perfect pink-y red.


hourglass veil translucent setting powder

supposedly the highest rated setting powder for all skin tones.


foam roller

it’s not the prettiest gift but damn, foam rolling is like taking a xanax.


blooming roses robe

i would be SO excited to put this on right after a bath. throw this in to make it a moment.


spongewear mixing bowl

so pretty. and works in so many kitchen styles.


japanese butter knife

for when the butter’s too cold to spread.



an extra special fleece pullover. everyone will ask about it. i like this one a lot too.


straightening brush

this amazing product will straighten your hair without flattening it. i’ve seen it’s magic in person and want to get my hands on one so bad.


sequined headband

slap this on your head and then go ahead and wear jeans and a black turtleneck to the party. this one is stunning too. honestly there are loads of them worthy of gift giving. (or keeping)


pretty pastel cups. for whatever. really just an entire store full of pretty things worth giving.


high waisted briefs

such a beautiful color. lace makes them sexy, the diaper vibe makes them comfy.


beaded earrings

honestly just the best looking earrings i’ve seen in a while.


night owl baker real sourdough

word on the street is that even gluten intolerant people can get down with this bread. it’s also supposed to actually improve your digestion.


poison garden palette

i am a HUGE fan of eyeshadow palettes. this one is richly pigmented and is great for blue, green and brown eyed girls.

and now for the books…because books make excellent gifts:


joan mitchell sunflowers

this one is special.


cabana anthology

one of my favorite design books this year. it’s gorgeous. so much to see and feel (yes feel) inside. it’s honestly a work of art.


isabel lopez quesada at home

my other favorite this year. ILQ is in my top 5 designers of all time. there’s no one like her. this book has a heavy summer vibe and will be a thrill to revisit come march.


the witch elm

i’ve heard excellent things about this one.


jackson and levine

i just discovered these two and love their aesthetic. this book is an entertaining guide. lots of ideas and inspiration. recipes too!


terrain: ideas and inspiration for decorating the home and garden

for the decor enthusiast who loves to garden too. (me)


deep run roots

my sweet friend got this for me for my birthday and it’s everything everyone says it is. it won cookbook of the year for good reason. it certainly blew me away. the recipes (every single one of them and there are LOADS) look delicious and totally approachable. trust me on this one. if you have a loved one who loves to cook this is a sure thing. i’ve made 3 of the recipes so far in the 5 days i’ve owned it and all have been crazy good.

gift guide 2018 for the smaller people


sloth and pusheen

why is this so cute?


kreafunk wireless headphones

wireless parent cancellation.


kids fluffy yarn fleece

soft and warm. comes in a plethora of colors. and cheap. get a few for when they leave one at school.


cropped teddy jacket

all the girls want a teddy jacket. comes in a nice assortment of colors.


shy pearl pillow

the sweetest lil pearl pillow for her bed.


faux fur trimmed plaid poncho

give her this plaid fur cape scarf thing and try not to think of an excuse to keep it.


velvet lounge chair

i remember wanting some sort of personal lounge-y chair to call my own when i was young. this one comes in 3 not terrible colors.


classic nintendo

so you can show them what it was like back in the day. also so you can play with them and know wtf you are doing. comes pre installed with super mario bros, donkey kong and pac man to name a few.


good mood bracelet

here’s to hoping that it rubs off.


gummy bear lights

real real cute.


the children of green knowe book series

fiona was recently asked what book(s) had the biggest impact or were most memorable. she has read hundreds of books ranging from the warriors series to anne of green gables to watership down etc. she claimed the children of green knowe series was the most memorable and loved.