fashion week on a budget - london edition

i really feel like this little capsule of clothes is a good start to becoming america's next top street style fashion champion. 


get on board with the oversized hoodie as fashion. i personally am all over it because comfort and warmth. i mean don't wear it with jeans and sneakers or anything stupid like that. one must pair it with fancy satin mules or heeled boots.  

a wide oversized dress over jeans is my new favorite thing. i might belt it so i don't look too frumpy. it's not a great look otherwise if you have giant tits. 

you could throw a rock at the internet and it would hit a pair of sock booties. i love this hot pink pair and the price is just right. 

head to toe floral seems right these days. floral blazer + matching trousers

houndstooth trench to wear as dress over jeans. 

these high waisted cords in this perfect color are my favorite find. LOOK at them!

we all need them. 

loving this black double breasted blazer with shorts and tall boots. but will also wear it with cropped black pants or with a turtleneck underneath and some tweedy trousers or with a hoodie underneath. so many ways to mix this into a different vibe. 


happy weekend guys. 



london fashion week - i'd wear it- especially to whole foods

would i wear floral pants and a matching floral shirt to whole foods? fuck yeah i would.

why? because it's genuinely the zenith of my day.

i'd also wear leather pants, a trench coat as a dress, platform shoes with socks, a pink jumpsuit, a chartreuse tiger print coat with camo pants, an unflatteringly oversized printed dress with in-fashion-AF booties, denim on denim on denim on denim, hair so deeply parted on one side it looks like i am missing part of my scalp, prince of wales check EVERYTHING (probably even face paint), and a hooded sweatshirt the size of a volkswagen car cover with diamond encrusted satin pumps to whole foods. 

fashion week on a budget

found some dupes some almost theres and some totally differents but still awesome from last week's nyfw moodboard of dreams


pretty blue blazer- definitely a color you'll see a lot of in spring. wear it with cropped jeans, a graphic tee and white booties now. 

round black minaudiere - darling yes? statement totally. 

yellow ruffle wrap dress - another winner in the versatility department. this could be worn as is on a warm day or with a turtleneck sweater underneath and slouchy knee boots or with a t shirt and jeans. 

cut out knit sweater - not your basic sweater. 

pink feathered sandal - not exactly prada but still cute and offering you a taste of a trend for a fraction of the price. 

high rise jeans - in your face vetements. 

denim jacket with leopard collar - hi. gimme. 

denim jacket with fur collar - hi. gimme. 

embroidered satin kimono - THIS. you could wear it around your house for sure but i'd belt it and wear it with jeans and slingback heels. this western belt probably. 

black v neck sweater - here's your basic black sweater to tuck into jeans or a leather skirt. 

ruffled leather skirt - and here's your leather skirt.

leopard fanny pack - ok so this isn't exactly cheap but it's not gucci money and it's a classic print that will always be chic. and i feel like women have true need of the fanny pack. concerts, travel, crowds, walks...blah blah. you know...when you don't want that albatross purse on your shoulder or god forbid, swung around your neck but you need a place to store your shit. 

prince of wales check blazer - guys snatch your check blazer up asap. it will sell out. mango is good quality for the price. i've always been happy with my mango purchases. 

white kitten heel boots - wear with everything. literally. 


guys we are already well into london fashion week and i haven't even LOOKED! 

london is my favorite. people have big fashion balls there. 

ok, i'm off. will report back tomorrow.