pinning it to winning it.


sorry for the late post (not sorry)..

i was just auditioning for an oscar winning french director, NBD.


it's secret like so i can't say who and all that... but it goes without saying that i diarrhea'd down my leggings.




have you guys heard about the pin it to win it thing from 1stdibs?


in a nutshell you create a pinterest board called 'living with style'..

then you start pinning all of your ideas for the perfect living room using at least 3 items from 1stdibs.

then you can pin whatever you want.


here is the entry form.


here's my pinterest board (don't steal my shit).


i put together some of my pinned items to create my idea of living room heaven..


the winner get's $2,000 in 1stdibs money.


do you think i can buy a velvet sofa with my winnings?

maybe a velvet ottoman.


maybe an old pair of shoes.