crying real bitter tears that only poor people like myself cry when they STILL can't afford an awesome deal.

 my pal nelya from head over heels gave me the heads up about an awesome deal on one king's lane today.

for the bathroom makeover:

orig. $269

SALE: $89


orig. $469

SALE: $159



i have never even seen such pretty vanity fixtures!!!

not being able to take advantage of this sale makes me want to throat chop your mom.


for those that asked.

the bathroom makeover is stalled...only slightly.

i need to do one more coat of paint.

i went to home depot so they could mix me up a martha sample and they were out of the base needed to do so.

haven't had a chance to get to a different home depot.

just got this hook today for towels just outside the shower door:

actually the one i bought isn't EXACTLY like this...they didn't have an image on the anthro site of it.

it's the same base with the 3 handle thingys but the arms aren't ridged and no scrolly bits on the base, the balls are white, and the whole thing is shiny nickel.

it looks more than the 20 dollars it cost and it weighs a ton.

the wall area that the towel hooks will go on is very narrow and small so this works perfect.

also..i want this mirror for mike's vanity sink area:

it's not available until november.

it's only $119.

so i have lots of time to save!!!!


the paint i am thinking about is pink sea salt by martha stewart.

her colors are so good.

pink sea salt is white with lots of pink in it.

there is so much light in the bathroom that i am fairly certain it will read more white than pink.

but i found with the pinky beigey peach-ish pukefart tiles in there now, bright white just made the tiles stand out like a sore thumb.

i think the the pink sea salt will make the whole room feel like it was done on purpose.

possibly making the tiles look...(gulp) good?

but i am still going to do a test when i can get my hands on a sample.

if i had those damn light fixtures i swear to god i would run naked across a football field.

ok maybe not bc i would surely have 2 black eyes.


i would for sure.


showing design turd qualities

our master bath:

before you get all judgy i want you to know that i have every intention of changing the light fixtures in time.

and the keep calm poster pumps me up about as much as a pap smear. here is a shot of the weirdness of many walls and angles:

necklaces and things.

intend to get some cute hooks, instead of ghetto nails.


2 days after we moved into this house a huge oak tree fell on it and crushed the roof.

this is the damage remnants of a lazy contractor.

and paint job done by a douchebag (me).


worst light fixture ever?


more weird slopes and angles.

this black part actually sits about 4 feet below the actual ceiling:


about these paint finishes:

you see i got the wrong finish when i went to complete the paint job and have had to live with it's amateurishness.


huge windows.

i am thinking bamboo.


ridiculous amount of toiletries.

the cabinet finish is much lighter than this in person.

more orange.

and i can't for the life of me figure out why there is an extra freestanding sink in here.

it's foreign to me.


i did not post 872730482 pics of my bathroom so i could get a bunch of jacked up comments like;

"you need to tear out all of those walls and open up the space"


"that shit is so ugly my eyes are bleeding"

i am a renter.

i have a husband who can't see spending 11 dollars on a sconce for a space that doesn't technically even belong to us.

or the 66 dollars i spent on paint for this space.

(which as you and i both know is RIDICULOUSLY cheap)

but i intend to do the best i can to change the shit that's ugly into something that is pretty without spending a lot of money. as in next to nothing.

if any of you have any idea where i can get cheap and interesting light fixtures please let me know.