book really...this is shit all of you want.


tyler is cute and his recipes are great. 

i have 3 of his cookbooks.

this will make 4.

i will make you something from it.

releases oct. 12th


ina makes me pee in my pants.

releases oct. 26th


secrets of a great stylist.

pooping over this one.

releases dec. 7th

(the day after my birthday...aHEM!!!)


victoria hagan is a porn pusher.

releases oct. 12th



available now!!!


ok. sure.

releases oct. 19th



releases oct. 5th


 lovely and yum.

releases ??


dumb and of course.

releases oct 26th




releases oct. 5th



available now!!


yes, the bad news is 98 percent of these aren't available until your ass but the good news is that if you pre-order them they are like 20-30% off.

and that is major.


i take gifts but i am willing to barter brownies or cupcakes if that's easier for you.