what's really important?


if you were just born this morning you might need to know that that is MLB.

one of the designers featured on bravo's end of the month debut show "million dollar decorators".


this show was birthed just for us.

and by us i mean all the nerds who read design blogs and shelter mags and would probably rather be stroking fabric than rob pattinson's ding dong.  


it's been a while since i recapped a show.

since the design turds are in the middle of filming that show of shit..no recaps there.

(and no, i wasn't chosen to be a golden turd.  probably a good thing since i was perfecting my deadly, ball crushing ninja moves for vern)



long story short..

i will be recapping the SHIT out of this show.


i promise very few words..

since words are for smart people and are very time consuming.

i promise lots of drawing on pictures though...and cussing.


i wish i could predict what this show is going to be like..

however i can assure you no one will be fashioning a coffee table out of popsicle sticks.




the show airs on bravo, tuesday may 31st at 10PM est. 


fart shit butt poo this is going to be awesome.