a quick hello and a w'zup from summer vacation.


for the endorphinators...

turns out i got the wrong kind of endorphinate.

i got the endorphinate PR...

the PR stands for pain relief and it's got the guarana aka caffeine that is ok in the AM but at 1:30 in the morning is not where it's at.

so at 5:41 AM (still awake) i googled endorphinate and realized that i needed the endorphinate AR....


which stands for ANXIETY RELIEF.



i ordered it and it should be here in a few days.




we need to talk about kevin.





we need to talk about you not watching this movie ever.


i was under the assumption that this movie was a thriller, a horror movie.


it is not.


it is a slit your wrists kind of why in the fuck did i watch this shit not good time.

don't be fooled by that fun little cannes label..that was given by someone who doesn't have children.

and it's not earth shattering.

the times is dumb.



 that's all for now.








memorial day on the estate...



isn't that what memorial day is supposed to look like?

i think so.

cold, stiff drinks.

red, white and blue.

games on the lawn.


my memorial day doesn't.

but that's beside the point.



endorphinate came in the mail today.

i took one and felt like i got a caffeine enema followed by an 8-ball facial followed by a pulp fiction-style adrenaline shot followed by a serious case of the sleeps.

not sure what it all means.

but i THINK it's maybe where you wanna be on memorial day.




in other news on a monday where no one is reading blogs...


fiona's room WILL be photographed BY A PROFESSIONAL this week.


i've started oil pulling again. 


and fiona has mastered the hula hoop..


watch it or i will punch you..


it kinda doesn't get any more memorial day than that.


mood board supplies:

sofa- vintage (check craigslist for ficks reed or rattan)

elephant- serena and lily

lantern- julian chichester

gingham pillow- etsy

chair- vintage

rattan coffee table- serena and lily

lobster pillow- furbish

rug- the rug loft

beverage bowl- serena and lily

red metal side table- nathan turner

vintage game- one kings lane

chest- vintage one kings lane

red, white and blue glasses- vintage one kings lane.






by the lack of comments yesterday i'd say you were all either totally offended by being called a fuckhead..

which if i'm being honest (simon cowell) i certainly meant it more for the general fuckery that is monday and all those fuckheads surrounding monday..

like emails and chores and errands and sick kids, not YOU precious readers.. just didn't comment.

either way.

apples and oranges.


but if i did offend you i would like you to consider this peace offering..



no, that's not me.

but i definitely wish it was.

as in i wish i had thought of it first.

because i would so totally use it as my blog banner.



i haven't even begun the downton recap bc fiona is really sick with strep. 


so all apologies for the delay.

i love you.



a great big thank you to benjie for the discovery of flower-tits up there.