new art y'all!


18 x 18 monsters at the opera






36 x 36 westwood




36 x 36 summer in skye



have at 'em..



an awesome and terrifying thing is happening tomorrow.

i will fill you in after i go buy some adult diapers.






 hey monday haters and embracers!

i LOVE today because it means fiona is in zoo camp!!

and that means i can work!

and thankfully i happen to love my work!

yay monday!


but not yay this:

a tree fell within inches of our house friday night.

(the images were taken saturday morning)


look..inches i tell you!!



luckily no one was hurt and nothing was broken.

and because we rent it ain't our problem!

yay renting!!




new paintings yaaaaay!


 12 x 12- "your heart on your sleeve" SOLD




12 x 12 "july" SOLD



 20 x 30 "the elephant in the room"



first come first serve.

i'll mark them as sold as soon as they do.

email me if your interested.