for the home

set of 4 vintage french brass cups - these are diminutive. perfect of lipgloss or q-tips or toothpicks or....tequila shots. 


cabrillo quilt - good wall hanging if that's your thing. that thing you need when someone tells you you need texture and pattern but are a commitment-phobe. i'd drape it over a white sofa or a small table or a headboard. super chill vibes. 


french tiger chaise lounge - really anywhere you see fit. but if i could i'd put this in a big ol' bathroom. 


vintage moroccan rug - maybe the best looking rug i've seen in a while. 


pair of vintage sea sponges - for your summer 'scaping needs. (table? mantel? bookshelves? cabinets of curiosity? baskets of sea ephemera? general collecting?)


monogrammed glass cocktail mixer - or glass for wine if you're me. if JSG aren't your initials who cares? ummm...JustSayGulp, Jenny'SGlass...


vintage picnic basket - as good looking as a basket gets. 



feeling things

porches, decks, bright red floors and tub surrounds, baskets of shells, white walls, draped things, potted things, vibrant abstracts, ginger jars. all of it. 

friday things

if the above space belonged to me i would never leave it. see more here

(those lanterns were fashioned out of beehives)


i definitely don't have the patience for this (plus cats) but i'd pay you to do it for me. 

i have an awfully big front porch with giant orange tiles that would benefit from your patience. 


also don't have the patience for this (plus cats) but i'd really really REALLY like to do this to every inch of floor in my house. 


reclaim your creative confidence. i'm in a lull so this spoke to me. actually, i don't know that i feel a lack of creativity (some, yes) primarily i just feel zero motivation. who has one of those quotes for me?


hold me back


FINALLY watching this and love it. it takes a minute to get into but once you do oh boy.


finished season 3 of this one in 2 days. i cannot tell you how much i love this show. maybe my favorite of all time. 


i haven't stopped listening to this in over a week. i look at my other music thinking i need to maybe stop but nothing else will do. i haven't felt this in love with a band since duran duran. 


and lastly....lets talk glossier for a minute. i have bought all three of their serums and can say they do absolutely nothing. you know i tell you straight about products. but i have tried my fair share of serums that do the same things these serums say they do...and i was totally underwhelmed. 

no glow. no bounce. no purity. sorry glossier. i still adamantly live for this product, this one (particularly great when added to a full coverage foundation for a lighter touch) and this one

also tried the new cloud paint, and i like it, but it does require a whole bunch for any sort of flush. it blends really easily though and is easy to use. 

also i think i got the wrong color (puff). it was waaay too pepto bismol on my face. think i'd try beam next. 


hope all you moms have a good one this sunday. i'll be drinking rosé outside somewhere. 

someone please tell fiona it would be nice if she cleaned her room as a mother's day gift.