golden globes best + worst


she looked so cute and age appropriate. although as the mother of a 13 year old (MBB is also 13) i could never see my girl in something like this. i mean i could, it's just that she would probably never want to wear something like this. she would think that dress was "weird" if not ugly. much less a head full of earrings and winged eyeliner. but i thought she looked classic and beautiful. still, it's weird when your own kid is the same age and yet MBB seems 17. moms, you feel me?

anyway...the back was so great as was her head in general...the makeup was really so good. 


i really just think the dress looks great on her. the back was awesome and i am sure some people will hate her hair but i thought it was perfect with the dress.

i dunno. she just looked wistful and pretty. 


killed it. such a great fitting dress and it just made her entire head area stand out. she is stunning and so tiny, but she looked so statuesque. 


this stance is a bit awkward but she looked super cool and sexy. the dress, the hair, the shoes- it's all amazing. she also looked comfortable. which lets face it is a major red carpet bonus. 



i am sure some people won't like this. i wasn't bowled over or anything i just think she looks sexy and i want to do it with her. 


 she is fashion and gorgeous and she completely knows how to pick and wear clothes. she is beautiful and odd looking at the same time and it helps her to pull it all off. 


i imagine standing next to jessica biel is probably very humbling. she looks incredible. that dress is EVERYTHING. 


if i give it to one person though it has to be CZJ. dear god woman. she is major poontang. that dress, her, the hair, the face, the earrings, her boobs. 


the worst looks for me were:


it's all a bit too mrs. danvers. she's so gorgeous and young and all that. she looks like a scullery maid in mourning. 


hmmmm....yeah....i just don't get it. if anything it's really matronly. not to mention ill-fitting. DM used to KILL at at awards shows. 


i know in person that bottom part was probably the most beautiful thing in the universe but it just resembled a skeleton coccyx. also her hair was limp AF. 


hate. she's too amazing looking for this bullshit. 


i'm no expert but if you are plus size should you wear so much volume? also that hair. it only served to make her look enormous in all the worst places. chin. and upper back. 


that's it. mostly everyone looked stunning. i sat in the bathtub and popped a zit that has now doubled in size and can't be covered by makeup. bye.  

january vibes


i'd like to be that person that skis in winter for like, 2 weeks. then promptly warms their bod on the beaches of FUCKING ANYWHERE.

but instead i will just continue to pin garden images and freshly painted white floors in between laundering all of my socks because i am literally wearing all of them at once. 

resin face wall decor

'barometric pressure' abstract painting

cole and son 'khulu vases' wallpaper

1970's thick cut velvet sofa

black mirrored cabinets

crystal mary by kyle montgomery - OBSESSED with them. i inquired. he takes commissions. see here too. obsessed i tell you. 

round green velvet cushions

arts and crafts rug

marc jacobs eye palette 

light blue velvet fringed ottoman

canada goose down puffer jacket

fleece lined leggings


fuck, it's cold.

well guys i am officially retiring my party hat for a while. consider me in deep hibernation from the outside world. i haven't had a bra on since sunday. thankfully my bloated lindsay lohan abdomen is creating a nice shelf for my boobs to rest on. my eye was swollen shut when i woke up this morning and i have no idea why. my body shutting down because of the alcohol and food abuse? on top of that it's the coldest i can remember it being in a really really really long time. i know it's colder in ny and montana and fargo and 60% of the country. i know. i know. but for us here in the semi tropical southern US, 19 is fucking cold. we aren't prepared. i have on 3 pairs of socks. i'm in a state of helpless depression, stress eating brownies, over all the animals out there. there's an image of a frozen puppy that some asshole posted on facebook and i can't get it out of my mind. A FROZEN PUPPY. 

i think sometimes the only thing that truly helps is retail therapy. what's more awesome when you're trapped inside like a doomsday prepper than receiving boxes from the UPS man?!  today it's sweaters. warm sweaters. CUTE, warm (mostly really affordable) sweaters.