a summer look


if you're of a certain age a mini skirt can look a little ratchet.  (says the woman who lives in coochie cutters). i think pairing it with a light blazer brings a little polish. 

i found a few worthy pieces to consider...


linen white.png

love white on white. 

blazer / skirt / necklace 1 / necklace 2 / tank / bag / shoe



yellow linen.png

the same but switching out white for yellow. 

blazer / skirt / necklace 1 / necklace 2 / tank / bag / shoe



stripe blazer.png

linen stripes and a denim mini. def. my favorite and the most "me". 

blazer / skirt / necklace 1 / necklace 2 / tank / bag / shoe



june vibes


having a moment with carnelian from benjamin moore's new color line. not quite sure what it is. i see it in a kitchen with emerald and white moroccan tiles. 

moroccan lantern

plaster shell wall sconces - just fantastic for this shell whore. 

hand painted french panel

braided wicker bar cart - yes. 

poseidon mirror 

seahorse birdbath base - i suppose this could be a table base too. 

d&g silk chiffon top - what dreams are made of.

madewell embroidered denim shorts

dior nail lacquer in junon - obsessed with this color.

set of 15 sea shells 


happy june friends!



friday things


today is the last day of school and the first day of a lot of arguing and yelling here at anderhaus. in other words: SUMMER IS HERE. i'm already disintegrating. 

yeah yeah...i know...summer's great. well, i beg to differ. but i won't do it here. 

instead i'll focus on my garden and sipping chilled things on my porch. 

porch above jessica helgerson's amagansett summer house


since it IS summer and i think there are 5 of you who check in daily...i will still stop by during the week with vibes and finds and sales and inspiration and gripes and outfits and shit. 

just maybe one or two of those per week. 


here are this week's friday finds..


i'm making this for a dinner party tomorrow night. isn't it maybe the most delicious looking/ sounding thing ever?


i want someone to make this for me because i can't be bothered to fry anything. but yeah, it also looks like the most delicious thing ever but in that hangover way. 


really loving these clare vivier leather iphone cases


giant workout mats. need. no but really because i am adjusting like crazy while doing tracy and it's so annoying. this is the answer. 


a make up artist told me about this stuff and said it really works to plump your lips up. i'm on board. 


this song on repeat.