amateur kitchen of the day

the remodelista considered design awards are back and once again i'm way off. or they are depending on your aesthetic. but, as per yoozsh my pick is the last one in the race. let's be clear- i can totally pick which one is going to be in the lead based on current trends and who i assume to be the majority of the remodelista audience. but i always find it a little funny how my pick has the least amount of votes. in all the categories too.

anyway, here are the amateur kitchen finalists...



see the rest of this connecticut cottage kitchen here



see the rest of this DC rowhowse kitchen here



see the rest of this montauk beach cottage kitchen here



see the rest of this texas hill country kitchen here



see the rest of this california cottage here


ok now you can't make judgments based on these photos alone because i did at first and once i saw the rest of the spaces in their entirety i changed my mind. 

so go look and then come back and read on. (fyi the contest is over and the winners are chosen. so spoiler alert! you will see who wins.)


alright. you're either reading on or you're back from remodelista and already know the winner.  

so here are my 2 (billion) cents. none of these kitchens blow my shit up. some elements are great in each and i could definitely combine certain things to make my own (almost) dream kitchen. 


my pick is number 1. the kitchen in connecticut

i just really like the space. the light is great and i do like a quirky layout. love the built-in cabinet that's original to the house. overall the space is modern, clean and simple with a sweet cottage feel and nothing screams trend apart from the lighting maybe, which down the road is such an easy fix. (subway tile and shiplap are trends for sure but to me, if done well, will stand the test of time) something about it gives me english cottage vibes and you KNOW that's my jam. 


the second entry- dc rowhouse- was, at first glance, my favorite but upon further lookies i just couldn't get past those blue sconces. also an easy fix but i really don't understand why there are four of them? perhaps one (bigger sconce) on each side would've been enough? and i appreciate the choice to have a color in there to cheer up all the black and white but something about them look cheap. i also kinda hate the black cabinetry. feels heavy. i do love the dining space though. and the white white everywhere white. i just wish maybe they'd have gone with different lighting. maybe something less utilitarian and a lighter color on the lower cabinetry. 


#3. the montauk beach cottage. i wish i could see the rest of the house. but this was my least favorite. and it's also the winner. i mean it's not bad by any stretch it's just...i think the tile overwhelms the space. also i'm really over this type of tile. i think it's going to feel dated in a few years. i don't know. it's just...kind of...boring. also i would have never guessed this was a beach cottage in montauk. that's why i wish i could see the rest of the house. 


#4. the texas hill country house. i DO like this...but i can't get past the contrivable aspect. doesn't it seemed contrived? and maybe that's ok. maybe it doesn't fucking matter if it looks like it belongs in an old spanish farmhouse and not texas hill country. maybe i am the only one who sees andalusian casa de campo. i mean if it were my vacation kitchen i'd be like YESSSS. but as an every day kitchen...not sure. 


#5. the california cottage. this is so not me. but i like it. i appreciate it. it's got a great layout. the design is thoughtful. it screams california. there are vintage vibes. it's light, bright, happy. i could cook there. it's great for entertaining. etc. and while it may not be my thing i'd totally stay there in an airbnb situation. 


ok...what do you guys think? which is your favorite? least? where has all the good design gone? let me see it. i like what nicole cohen is doing. everything else is getting on my nerves. who's watching the handmaid's tale? who wants to make me one cookie? 


friday things, mostly thoughts....but some things

most of my ideas (brilliant and otherwise) come to me just after i wake up. usually when i wake too early. when i'm just laying there, trying to either get back to sleep or debate whether or not i should just go ahead and get up. i almost never choose the latter. so there i lay and the thoughts (many) wash over me. strangely, i have this similar experience right before i fall asleep at night. however, the thoughts here tend to be terrifying and sad. the morning must literally signify a new day for me and so the thoughts and ideas tend to lend themselves to positivity and excitement. side note- when i say "awake" i mostly mean half awake/half asleep. so the thoughts/ideas can sound brilliant in my drowsy brain but when actually wide awake might seem utterly ridiculous. 

for example: this morning all i wanted was to know how many flavors of la croix there were. like, it just popped into my brain out of nowhere and it excited me to think that there might be a flavor out there waiting for me to try that i might actually love. i think most of them taste like a dirty butthole btw. oh, there are 14 flavors not including the curate and the cola flavored one (puke emoji)

for what it's worth i am really interested in trying the key lime. i actually like the orange which has caused people to unfollow me on instagram. 

and yes, i am that asshole who pronounces it LA KWAH. 


i also kept thinking about that satisfying clicking sound of a fastener fastening. particularly the ones on a car seat strap. the fat plastic kind that tend to be round-ish. you know what i'm talking about? there is something ultimately satisfying about that sound. 

this led me to wonder why i was maybe hallucinating while i was mostly awake. 

this then led me to think i maybe needed to go back on st. john's wort. i find st. john's wort to be great for mild mental illness. so i ordered some. 


in other news:

this brand's bracelets have the look of roxanne assoulin for half the price. 

i really like these glasses. and they are really affordable and come in 3 sizes. 

this planter is really cool. 

a handy seasonal food guide


enjoy your weekend. it's rainy here. like flood level rains. i like it.