friday things

guys, this sydney home is a dream.

i like chili a lot. it’s one of my favorite things to eat and i’d make it a lot more if everyone here liked it as much as i do. sadly the other andersons aren’t as enthusiastic about it. they tolerate it. WHAT KIND OF MONSTER DOESN’T LIKE CHILI?! ugh. i digress. anyway….this recipe was SO easy and quick and unbelievably flavorful despite it’s roughly 30 minute cook time and lack of meat. make it. (side note- i added about a tablespoon of maple syrup bc i like a good balance of salt, sweet and heat in my chili. i also added 1 orange bell pepper in addition to the 2 poblanos bc i had it.)

natalie knows her way around a trader joe’s. i look to her instagram stories to tell me whats good. well, she’s made a comprehensive list for us and it’s right here.

these tights are all i hear about on the gram. who’s worn them? let me know.

i see you anthro

i took a peep at the new spring catalog and there’s a lot to be admired.

i am pretty smitten with this wallpaper. there’s something for everyone with it. not quite falling into any one design box i think it would work with (oprah voice) your aesthetic!! and your aesthetic!! and your aesthetic!!

these knobs are nice. and cheap. also non invasive in their approach. not quite plain, not quite modern, kind of floral.

a mirror with a shelf is a grand thing. she’s a good size for a small powder.

i love wicker furniture and i love it best when it’s painted peach or dark green.

also worth noting are this tray, these curtains, and these dishes.

kitchen of the day

is it a store? is it a home? who cares!?! antiques and whatnot all in situ and all for sale. what a time to be alive!

and a worthy instagram follow to boot.

but let’s talk about the kitchen here for a minute.

the cream and gray is a win for me. i feel myself coming back around to this combo. and i never thought i’d find a tiled countertop attractive. because, like, i have one…and, like, it isn’t. also all that grout. shit gets nasty. but maybe no one prepares food there. i don’t know, all i know is it LOOKS GREAT. i love the layout. i love the refrigerator behind the dumb door. (although for practicality purposes we would remove that.) i love the floor (obv.) the chandelier, even if it does appear to be hung too low. the huge cupboard. the marble topped work station. i just love it all.