let’s talk about some pink lacquered walls. and a grape colored chinese rug with several bits of green. how about we throw some green bedding on an old wicker bed. put a couple of shell wall corbels up and plop some zebra friends on top. find a settee of french persuasion on the craig or marketplace and cover it in some fancy green velvet. ditto art deco vanity. tall brass lamps bedside and some modern art. mmkay?

mint green sheets

pine linen duvet

floral sham

i pick you

need supply is having a more is more sale…the more you spend the more you save.

like so…


pretty great right?

behold my faves…


veja sneaker - i like this line of shews a lot. that fashionable without trying too hard thing.

olympia plastic wedge - the happiest shoes on earth. i’m really trying hard not to be into this plastic wedge movement but they’re just so pretty!

striped tie front pants - assuming these are as comfortable as they look. they sure do holler sprang.

merry beaded tote - merry indeed. reminds my in the best way of a toy purse i had as a kid.

satin button up blouse - i think this cut and style is so fresh and new and pretty and cool. all of it.

green plaid dress - modern steel magnolia for your easter brunch thing. and honestly so much more. a day at the zoo perhaps?

cold picnic bath mat - shapes are having a moment are they not? fave colors here. i think it would look so great in a coral-y pink or blue bathroom.

cosmic yuzu soap - so pretty. it really is the little things. also yuzu is an olfactory treat if you don’t know.

concrete after lightening - i am so intrigued. read the description. i think i might even know what they’re talking about.

black pearl dress - i am absolutely in love with this dress. the sleeves! i’d wear it to my solo art show.

nb violet sneaker - i have these in another color and the soles are 100% slip proof. which, if you do tracy anderson on a hard surface you know how crucial that is. the violet color all day.

bow suede kitten heel - i just love these to elevate jeans and a tee.

genevieve hair clip - go ahead. you can wear it!

lace top - ordered. you should too.

eyelet tunic - the nude color is so great. super cute as a beach cover up or over cropped flare jeans.

go shop! no code. just put a bunch of shit in your bag, purchase and watch actual money come back to you.

computer woes

if you knew how many times i’ve tried to type this sentence. only to have it self delete. it’s a test of one’s will i tell you.

my computer is acting crazy so this post will be as brief as possible.

just some things to cram into one post that will maybe self delete. i think i managed to curb it slightly with a little googling and such. anyway…what’s up? hi! fiona is graduating 8th grade this year (do you know a female 8th grader? they’re fun aren’t they?) so we are in high school mode. happy to report that both of the schools she/we chose are into her and gave her first dibs in the enrollment process. our kid is honestly very smart and quite delightful (apparently). no, we know she is…it’s just that she saves that delightful part for when it’s needed most. and always on her terms. and almost never at home.

anyway….what a time! high school!!

does anyone know where to stay on the grounds of the biltmore estate? we want to stay somewhere where we can walk the grounds without having to drive there. but that isn’t a hotel. or possibly a hotel that has a kitchen? any advice is much appreciated. we just like the gardens and grounds more than the house. it’s such a quick and easy getaway for us and fiona loves it.

i’m getting my garden ready this weekend! i’ve enlisted the help of a friend who is giving me all the 411 so i don’t fuck it up. she lives in austin so it’s basically e-design. which is surprisingly easy to manage. on both ends. her name is leah and you can hit her up in her DM’s here. i’ll share more once i clean out all of the cat poop from the beds.

in other news…

i’ve added a few pretty little works on paper to my shop.


are you watching high maintenance? i think it’s a work of art through and through.

this japanese sheet mask is fantastic. seriously glowing after.

i’m into this shower curtain.

ok. see ya later then.