friday things

it’s friday and these are the things i’ve loved this week:

this porch. plus the house it’s attached to and the garden that surrounds it. australia just seems like a magical place.

the best looking cat baskets. ok dog baskets. human baby too.

zara launched swimwear. it’s cute. if you have saggy, giant boobs like me the beachy accessories are worth a gander.

i almost always eat burgers this way rather than on a bun. i typically just throw it on some lettuce and use a knife and fork. sometimes i’ll caramelize onions. this burger salad bowl is a step up and i’m totally in board with it.

chicken thighs, a head of cauliflower, a jar of mango chutney and a sheet pan. easiest dinner ever.

i would totally get my diy on (or dyi if you’re luann) for this turmeric dyed tablecloth.

we need to talk about kim’s house.

very excited about this. all of these women rule + wine memes all day.

ok then. have a glorious weekend. the weather here has been phenomenal. seriously blessed.

mango favorites

i’ve never wanted more from mango.

look at the effortless summery cuteness…


shirt, red pant and sunglasses - my absolute favorite of the bunch. there are matching trousers for the shirt too which are great.


paisley print dress - nailed it.


all the shell jewelry.


flat sandals - which are SO not my thing but these are sexy and cool.


all white. yes.


all blush. also yes. (i am here for 40yo carmen kass showing us all it’s ok to look your age and stuff.)



and all the swimsuits….


scallops. cute. just under 70 dollars fam.


this cute gingham 2 piece. if i wasn’t top heavy i’d be all over this. (bottoms. top.)

these were all just a few of my favorites. there’s so much more to see here. bags, jewelry, dresses, separates…all the thumbs up emojis.

april vibes


how great is april? the best right? it’s the spring version of october. i want to go places exposing my toes. i want to soak up the sun before it turns to devil fire. i fucking love bees! and easter (candy) and planting shit. i’m putting away the red wine and drinking my weight in rosé. on the porch! i don’t even care that i have to hose it down twice a week. game of thrones comes back on! what a time.

striped linen blazer - cute.

resin bangle - love the colors.

good day pillow - isn’t it?

pink rattan settee - i’m such a sucker for painted wicker.

sweet pea seeds - i’ve planted so many. fingers crossed.

vintage easter party picks - go on then.

tpsy lip crush lip oil - i don’t know what kind of voodoo this stuff is but i tell you it’s the best thing i’ve ever put on my lips. it’s not a balm, not a gloss. it’s closer to a balm i guess. it’s the most perfect pink i’ve ever come across. it’s one of those sheer things that looks like tinted liquid gloss (the image doesn’t at all look like that IRL) but when you put it on your lips immediately change color. super weird. but it’s hydrating, smells great, tastes great and your lips look stained but in a natural way. i’m honestly the worst at describing shit. just get it.

celerie kemble chaise - more painted wicker. bamboo? whatever.

hat - am i a hat person? i want to be.

aries tie die tee - cute.

green wine glasses - oh cabana home. i just love all of you.

pink raffia placemat - especially these.

pink shibori napkins - these are not cabana. you’ll never guess where they’re from. so affordable.

staud croc effect wedge mules - so cute with shorts or cropped jeans.