friday things

hi friday friends.

here’s what i found this week worth sharing:

i gots some fancy new irises in the shop. also some VERY cute teeny bowls.


love this etsy shop and everything in it.

this apartment is an eye feast.

i made this and you should too. it’s a keeper.

this korean vitamin c serum is apparently a dupe of skinceuticals $160 vitamin C and ferulic serum. for 20 bucks i aim to find out.

have a wonderful weekend my ding dongs.

oh! and wine country came out on netflix! ok, that’s it. bye.

may vibes


wallpaper (i am over palm wallpaper in general. aren’t you? i like this one though. maybe it’s the bananas) / chandelier (very snazzy) / chinoiserie jar / rug / foral bag / chairs (i would definitely go with the yellow wood and green here.) / cabinet ( it’s got a super versatile vibe, yes?) / candle (sounds intriguing) / floral swimsuit / screen ( you go sasha bikoff. the palm, the chintz lightening bolts, the leopard. yes.) / tanning drops (like what even?! pretty sure i need these) / shews (love these nude heels. wearable height and a sexy toe thing happening)

sorry for the slim posting this week. just busier than usual.

friday things

hey friday friends. i’ve had a busy week. i spent THREE days shopping for something for fiona to wear to her school dance. three. days. i brought home so many choices. none of them. 14 year old girls are literally the worst person to shop for. ended up wearing this one.

you can see her in it here.

that kitchen up there. total dream. the entire house is. inside and out.

i made this lamb bolognese recently and i can’t wait to make it again. however, i used white wine to deglaze and you should too. also i didn’t use celery bc i didn’t have it. and it was still so good. also i split the recipe in half and it worked perfectly. but i would absolutely make the entire recipe for a dinner party of about 6-8.

i also made this potato salad for easter and i will never, ever make another potato salad. i think the key is that famous sauce stuff. which i had never heard of. but it’s now in my fridge and i’ve since put it in chicken salad and tuna salad. 100.

an absolutely adorable top. this one too. all you braless girls go forth.

i just got the vit c powder from the ordinary to mix with my serums but i’ve heard this is legit amaze. perhaps i’ll try it next. very curious about all the different price points for literally the same shit. like why is this one $88?

this most pretty photo diary of new orleans will make you want to go immediately.

all of them. in order.

this is the best thing i’ve read all week.