cool design firm

it’s a hump day feast! a friend alerted me to the vibes of reath design. and wow. cookie cutter it is not. if you can get me on board with the heavy wood details of a craftsman bungalow you are officially on my short list of designers i’d pick to decorate my house without any direction from me. (ok that’s actually not possible but you feel me.)

take a look….


you might recognize a few of these images from a domino magazine feature on the designer frances merrill’s home in the hollywood hills. while looking though her portfolio i felt a strong commune vibe which as it turns out, is where she started!

i truly love how she works with (and embraces!) existing tile and cabinetry, mill work, flooring etc…it’s so GD refreshing. i mean why replace beautifully worn wood floors with new wood floors that you want to look worn? makes no damn sense.

go peruse. it’s all so good.

neon tho


it’s all the rage don’tcha know?

maybe if we called it BRIGHT COLORS?

not every iteration of neon is appealing. but i stand behind all of these -

mushroom city wallpaper in ecotplasm / mac eyeshadow palette in it’s designer (you’d be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to wear a swath of hot pink, cobalt blue or hot tangerine on the eye lid. just pare the rest down. like not even mascara (or just a tiny bit). keeps it modern.) / blue triangle pillow / farrow and ball paint in yellowcake (if i were to use this i’d go balls out with it.) / ettore sottsass ultrafragola mirror (eternal wish list.) / blue glass mixing bowls (not sure if these are even neon. but they are super pretty) / mignonne gavigan yellow hoop earrings / marilyn monroe serigraph by burt stern / neon acrylic stool set / hot pink sports bra / thrush holmes artworks / iphone case (honestly one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get your neon fix.) / vintage japanese woven plastic vase (pretty cool) / aquacolor dayglo in magenta (this is a convertible product. which i love lately. use it on your eyes, lips and cheeks.) / sunglasses (another option that won’t break the bank.) / molinari plastic club chair / lime green sofa (i feel like you could do this in a den with navy grasscloth and some other cool shit and win at life) / silk satin camisole (just neon enough to always be in style) / azilal rug (excellent price and just the right amount of bright)

monday poll

i am going to do a thing.

on mondays. a poll (duh). a which-would-you-choose poll. not particularly innovative, i know. but i want to know who you are and i think the majority of you are here for design. so let’s see…which would you choose?

today it’s kitchens. the only rule is you can only change one thing in whatever room you pick. as in, i love everything BUT those bare lightbulbs. so i’d change those. but if it’s down to everything but the lightbulbs AND the hardware or floors….too bad. you can only eliminate one. and you are stuck with the rest. FOR EV ER!

it’s not like i’m picking any ugly kitchens…maybe not my taste or yours but definitely not ugly.

oh….and no toss ups!! i don’t want to know your close second or tie. you. have. to. choose. one.






ok go.


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